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  1. "Clear title" Then when I ask to see it, its in another persons name...from another state. "I can go back to house and get the bill of sale" ya right. We dealt with that last weekend. Walked and left it for someone else.
  2. These are great tips for sure that I can instill in my brain prior to the spring runs, good topic...
  3. As stated, stay loose and stand. I ride some of the rocky trails in Red Feather up in Northern Colorado, it seems like I need to go super slow downhill, but no issues going up at speed such as the way you ride. Still take diggers going down hill but at least it's slow calculated falls, lol.
  4. morphrider

    Best Ramp Type/Length

    I have a trifold like what you have first posted. Super simple and safe in my eyes.
  5. Double check the grounding
  6. morphrider

    Why Do YOU ride dirtbikes?

    Totally agree with a way to mentally escape EVERYTHING. You don't think about anything but what's around the next corner.
  7. morphrider

    Why Do YOU ride dirtbikes?

    Ya, you have come a long way since those old threads, ride on!!
  8. Ya, it's great seeing everyone in their 60's and up riding. It's good exercise, even if it's the only good exercise you get lol.
  9. morphrider

    Killpecker dunes question

    Thanks for the tip concerning Ace Hardware. I can supply my own hose, lol. And buy more crap from there, I like those stores!
  10. LMAO, that Cryumph is perfect!
  11. Seems as if we get older, we get wiser with our riding ability. I see a lot of you race HS and such, but for me it has always been just scenery, feeling alone in the wilderness. Been bringing the wife's son and his friends up more often, introducing them to new areas. Her son would rather be on my Raptor, fell couple times on my YZ and is still leery of it. His friend is all about my YZ so he rides it. Need to get down to where my son lives with it just to get him back in the game, but he has a kid coming along so priorities will be there. Can't wait to be a grandpa to get another generation involved!
  12. 47 here, been riding since forever. I have never been a fast rider on trails. I enjoy just getting out there and riding. Anymore it's just couple times a month in the summer so I make the best of it when I can.
  13. That's pretty much the going price for ANY 230 in my area. If that was the bike I was looking for then I would bring cash, haggle the best you can. I can't see paying that for the older 2003-2004 bikes, but something that new yes. Crazy how people think their 15 year old bikes are worth that.
  14. morphrider

    E Track System Setup

    I have a few waiting for spring to put on my trailer due to the above pictures. I have had straps slip, sucks to stop on the highway to restrap.
  15. morphrider

    Does anyone else keep their bike in the house?

    I can only put 1 emoji on that, but da&n that's funny.