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    Well today stator is supposed to come in the mail. However, there is a plot change
  2. NBmotocross3


    Thank you to everyone who has contributed. I just purchased a Moose Racing Stator for $100 and an ignition cover gasket. I will share how this turns out as soon as I know.
  3. NBmotocross3


    Today I did literally every single ohm test and checked every possible thing. I also put a new plug in the plug wire, grounded it to the head, and no spark. Before I go spend $150 on a stator (Mind I'm only 14 and its coming out of my pocket) is there ANYTHING I CAN DO TO BE SURE IT IS THE STATOR?
  4. NBmotocross3


    I've drained the bowl, the gas tank vents properly, and I couldn't even do your test of seeing if there's a rush of air as the pressure equalizes because the bike doesn't start.
  5. NBmotocross3


    Yesterday while out on the track I took I drained the car for about 30 seconds and gas poured right out with no problem. My Gas Tank is venting perfectly too. I will definitely do a test with a multimeter on it today after I clean the hell out of it and see if I get lucky with that. I have also pull the plug where the kill switch connects and the bike still wouldn't run so I can rule that out. Maybe it's one of the wiring harnesses but I disconnected every single one, cleaned them, and then triple checked to see if they were connected properly with still no luck.
  6. NBmotocross3


    Thank you guys for the help it's greatly appreciated
  7. NBmotocross3


    So before I go dump $120, is there anything else you would recommend that I could try? I've already cleaned every single connection point between wires
  8. Hello! So recently I rebuilt my bike from the frame up (I had to get the frame welded) and my bike would very randomly stall out on me, almost as if someone was pushing the kill switch multiple times, and then it would start right back up. Well today I went out for a ride (after it stalled a time or two) and as I started getting on the throttle, I heard the bog and my bike shut down, and now it won't start. I know what I am doing with a dirt bike and I have checked every single wire with the manual and they all match up, I replaced the plug, carburetor is clean as a whistle (and it runs perfect when it actually starts) the motor has a fresh rebuild on it and there is a ton of compression and every thing seems to be normal EXCEPT when I went to take off the ignition cover... There were about 5 drops of water that poured out and there was a nasty mix of dirt/gunk inside the cover that has seem to corrode the flywheel... I cleaned all of it out and put my ignition cover back on (which has a pretty much non existant gasket and explains the water/dirt). So my ideas are pointing to the option of having a fried stator. Does this sound right? The bike is a 2009 KTM SX 150 and I would love to know what you guys think the problem is. I'm about 100% sure that it is something electrical so please don't tell me "Have you tried cleaning the air filter? Is the main jet clogged? I think it may need a rebuild" THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  9. So while on Instagram the other day, someone brought up a great point while I was telling them that a FMF Shorty pipe increases low-mid range and let's you hit the power band faster, and that the FMF Power Core and increases Top End power. After telling him this, he asked why people usually run Shorty's on MX bikes and Power Cores on woods bikes? I've always ran the longer pipes for my MX bikes, but most people run Shorty's. Why is this? I know that the power core is quieter in the woods, but that's it.
  10. This is where the argument will start between "Heat Cycling" and a hard break in.
  11. When you "break in" an engine, you are seating the rings. You have a very short window of time to seat the rings properly to ensure the best seal and longevity possible. I let my bike warm up for 5-10 minutes and then I will ride it hard, but I make sure I do not over rev, you want to pull every gear and not just make it scream.
  12. TNT Motorsports in Chester, SC
  13. NBmotocross3

    2014 yz vs sx 2 stroke

    There both great bikes, so for me it would come down to what I could get a better deal on
  14. NBmotocross3

    2013 rmz 250 rebuild?

    This man is spot on. Throw in a new piston, inspect everything, and replace the valve springs. A lot of people don't know that valve springs don't last that long because you really can't see physical wear or stretching. I would say that springs last about as long as a piston so replace those and you'll be good. Unless while you have the motor apart you find anything out of spec
  15. NBmotocross3

    your 125sx jetting?

    I used to own a 04 SX 125 and I believe I ran a 180 main jet and the needle in the 4th position from the top. Ran crispy as hell!