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  1. should unplug the connector under the tank to try the second map before you buy that, I have only tried it once and can't imagine I would ever use it
  2. I made this same thread after i picked up my 18 tx300. but after a few rides it broke it, still not super comfy but for how light it is compared to aftermarket foam I decided to keep it for now.
  3. I picked up the Ims, haven't mounted it yet, do I reuse my petcock or do I need a IMS petcock? would like to keep both tanks ready to go
  4. its not a top speed thing, its more of the power falling off of the top of the powerband, a 250 will typically rev our farther
  5. didn't really like the feel of the lectron, made the powerband feel kinda flat. Either way I need the oversized tank just in case I run out of gas, I'll get let **** from buddies while i'm siphoning gas from them
  6. Only one i'm seeing is the IMS 3.6 sticking up crazy high in front of the seat and a IMS 4.5. Does anyone else make one? I'm thinking I only need around 3gal capacity
  7. I don't think the te version comes with the switch, you can buy one and install it or you can switch it yourself by uncoupling the plug the switch plugs into but to me at least the the soft map isn't even worth installing the switch. I tried it once and have never bothered with it since
  8. I was really impressed with how light the seat is on my 18 tx300 but its really hard, was beating me up after just a few hours of riding and I was standing up most the time. Any light but comfortable aftermarket seats out there?
  9. just picked this bike up a few weeks ago and took on the first ride last friday, just to break it in mostly. I live in southern california and ride mostly from about 2000-6000ft. The manual says the stock jetting is correct for around that elevation range and the temp I normally ride in( usually mid 70's ). The bike felt pretty good at around 1800-2000ft where I parked, not super crisp but no bogging or anything, but as soon as i started climbing even a few hundred feet I noticed a bit of bog on the very bottom when i would crack the throttle. I had also turned down the idle a little after the bike warmed up because I don't really like my 2 strokes to idle much if at all, I also adjusted the air screw at this time. The bogging on the bottom at higher elevation was even worse, i ended up having to turn the idle back up to get it to run ok. The only thing i've done so far is add a fmf spark arrestor, thinking about opening up the air box a little to give it more air. the stock jetting on the mikuni is 43-75 needle,second from top, 450 main jet, 25 idle jet which i'm guessing is the pilot. I'm considering going down to the 22 pilot they included in with the bike or just droping the needle down a position. Don't have a lot of jetting experience and none with the mikuni carbs so any help would be appreciated
  10. Bought it new Last week but the dealer put about a gallon of gas with yamalube at 32:1 and told me to run that mixture during breakin but the manual just says to run 60:1 so I'm thinking about dumping the gas from the dealer. I've heard the mikuni carb is hard to jet so any help would be great. I'm in southern california, typically ride 3-6k ft. Also I have a kehin 36 from an older 300 laying around, would it be better to run that carb? I ordered a shock spring, skid plate and I plan on modding the air box but I'm not sure if I should wait until after I get a good break in ride on it. I need to get a spark arrestor, some bar clamp risers, and probably some lower pegs, I had the brp sub mount rubber mounted clamps on my yz and fastway evos in low boy position and those seemed to work pretty well but I'm open to trying something else. Is there anything else I should pick up or keep an eye on? Thanks for the help
  11. I have an 02 yz250 with an all stock bottom end, its never been split. i've only experienced this problem a few time at the motocross track, but maybe 4 or 5 time i've shifted into 4th and been on it pretty hard and the bike downshifted itself back to 3rd 2 or 3 seconds after shifting into 4th. This happened one time on the face of a table top, i was barely able to keep from going over the bars. It's possible i didn't shift it really hard into 4th those times but i definitely felt the bike go into 4th gear. Anyone ever heard of this happening?
  12. I've been riding an 02 yz250 for a few years now ( green sticker). but i've had some problems with overheating with the big bore kit i put on it in the tight trails and most of my riding buddies have red sticker beta's and husky 2 strokes so i figured i might as well try a new bike. The Beta feels a little short and cramped to me so i was leaning toward and ktm 300xc but i can't get over how wide the gas tank feels on the ktm's and husqvarna's compared to my yz 250. does anyone make a narrower gas tank that still has good capacity?
  13. the esr 325 kit is not just bolt on and go, i've got mine dialed in pretty good but it was frustrating getting there. before you even try riding it you'll need to check the squish and probably have the head decked to get it in spec. then all the jetting fun beings. But i do really like the power now, it pulls hard from bottom to top, feels like a yz250 in the middle and top but just ads a lot of power on the bottom
  14. i think they only use them in sx and mx because lightspeed and other companies pay them to
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