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  1. I don't think a big bore KTM would be too much for you. I've never been a really aggressive or talented off road rider, and I switched from an XR250 to a KTM 525 EXC, and haven't looked back. It's got a ton of power, but it's very user friendly and easy to ride.
  2. Chinookmark

    Which KTM is most "XR" like?

    I went from a lightly modded XR250 (suspension and pipe) to a stock 525 EXC and couldn't be happier. The KTM feels a little heavier than the little XR, but it is so much more managable. I was concerned about the power, but the 525 is extremely tractable, and doesn't spin the rear wheel unless I ask. If you pick up a KTM, you will be surprised how much you DON'T miss your XR.
  3. Chinookmark

    525 too much bike?

    My last bike was an XR 250, and after about three years off dirt bikes, I've just started riding a 525 EXC. I was really intimidated by the size, but after riding it, I have nothing but good things to say about it. It's easier to ride than my friends' YZ250F, YZ450F, and CRF450. Oh, and more user friendly than my XR250, if you can believe that. There is no hit of power -- it's just always there. I ride tight New England rock gardens, and the 525 is not too much by any means. Go for it.
  4. I know an XR250 isn't the ideal dual sport bike, but I was toying with the idea of registering it just for fun. The problem is that when I registered it as an off-road vehicle last summer (required for Thomaston Dam), the DMV took my Certificate of Origin, and the lady told me I wouldn't get it back, or any kind of replacement. Will I be able to register the bike without it, especially since I already have the off-road plate?
  5. Chinookmark

    jeez it is absolutely impossible!

    Hmm. Not half an hour ago I was in my back yard practicing wheelies on my stock XR250. It's got a 135 main jet, but I put the muffler plug in so as not to annoy the neighbors. I just slide back on the seat (so I can just feel the back edge under my butt), roll along at a hair above idle, and gas it in first. Second gear requires just a few more revs, and sometimes a tug on the bars, but that's all. Going up a hill it's even easier. Now if only I had the guts to carry the wheel more than 10-10! (ten inches high for ten feet)
  6. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    I believe this is the school: http://www.ononewheel.com/ I plan on attending one of their Englishtown, NJ classes. Hmmm ... interesting. They don't have any NJ classes listed for 2006. They just had one Oct 13-14. That stinks. I guess I'll just spend some quality time on the XR figuring out how to mono.
  7. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    Are you talking about the Trumpet and the Duck? Not even close to similar. Riding position: T: street oriented and agressive, but very comfortable. You are leaned forward just a little, but with no weight on your wrists. High handlebars, but lower and farther foreward than my XR. Very confidence inspiring. Above 80mph or so, your face and helmet start to get initmate, and your torso feels like a parachute. Nothing stopping you from leaning forward, though. D: Two words: Torture rack. Actually, not bad at all in the corners, you just need to get used to it. But anything else, highway, city, traffic, your wrists, neck, and lower back are screaming for mercy. However, just as comfortable at 150 as she is at 60. Engine: T: Revvy, torquey, well mannered, and powerful. I'd say the perfect street motor. It doesn't have endless power like, say an R1, but it always has enough. And it doesn't feel fast, but the speedometer says otherwise. It's still being broken in, but I think my ZX-6R might have out run it. But more important (to me anyway), it has power where I use it, from 3k on up. Who wants to rev to 10 grand just to get out of your own way? Oh yeah, the bike is a dreamer -- she keeps looking to the sky. D: Two more words: Holy crap. While in I-4 feels fast in a rip-your-arms-out-of-their-sockets kind of way, this feels fast in the sitting-in-a-slingshot kind of way. It's hard to describe. While it feels like an R1 is pulling you, the Duck feels like it's pushing you. Balls from as low as 3k, but once it hits 5-6k, hold the f on. However, it has very snatchy throttle response below 4k - not very confidence inspiring deep in a corner. Handling: T: Nimble, precise, confidence inspiring, and have I mentioned nimble? Very easy to ride in traffic, town, and parking lots. Very easy to lay into a corner, slow or fast. Bike says "Hey man, I'm here for you. Whatever you want to do, this is your show. You just let me know, and it's done. Really, I'm here for you." D: Stable, stable, and stable. Fast corners, smooth corners, bumpy corners, this bike will corner. High effort steering, but you lay her over, and she begs for more, no matter what the road surface. Feels a little tippy in very slow corners. And make sure you have a straight shot into your garage -- parking the be-atch isn't fun. Bike says "I'm glad you're having fun, but frankly, I'm a little bored. I can do better, you know." Suspension: T & D: I gotta say, very similar. Firm and controlled, even a bit stiff, but not punishing. Much better planted than say a VFR, yet not as harsh as a ZX-7. I'd rather tour with this suspension than with "touring" suspension. Passengers: T: Don't know yet. D: They aren't happy for very long. The owner's wife actually wants him to get an additional motorcycle for 2-up rides. Overall: Put it this way, the owner of the 996 LOVES his bike. He would get divorced before getting rid of the bike. He is also a very loyal Ducati owner. After about 15 miles on the Tramp, he confided in me (out of earshot of his love, of course) that he'd consider trading in his beloved Italian Princess for a Hinkley temptress. Being the good friend I am, I reminded him that beauty is only skin deep, and sometime you'll find true happiness in a Monster.
  8. Chinookmark

    Which Harley?

    Same here. But since we're dreaming, I'd also get a Softail Deuce. I wouldn't ride either one -- I'd be too busy with the XR and my new Tiumph. Not to knock Harley (I've never even ridden one), but I enjoy the bikes I own, and my time is already stretched thin. I'd probably put them in my living room as decorations.
  9. My wife was cool with me having a streetbike. She told me she fell in love with me on the back of my bike. She actually got mad everytime I sold one (although she was very happy everytime I sold a dirtbike). Not that it matters now. I had to get rid of my wife for other reasons, so now I don't give a rat's a$$ who's OK with me having a streetbike. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=301583
  10. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    She's definately too good to be true. I'm waiting for her to empty my bank account when I'm not looking.
  11. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    You're right about that. The front wheel comes up so EASY! No bouncing the front, no yanking the bars, you don't even have to snap the throttle. A nice smooth roll-on in first will bring up the nose so smoothly it's hard to believe. Two of my friends, one with a VFR and one with a 996, both very loyal to their bikes, rode mine and started to doubt their relationships.
  12. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    I gotta say, the color doesn't come across well in photos. In person, its a real nice metallic yellow, almost gold, like ohlins suspension or pro-taper bars. Besides, I got a good price by taking what they had. I would have paid a lot more for black, because custom paint ghost flames can't be cheap.
  13. Chinookmark

    My new ride

    Not XR related, but check out my new baby. I picked her up Tuesday evening, and had her broken in by Thursday afternoon. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2584835#post2584835
  14. Chinookmark

    My new girl

    Okay, she's not a thumper, but she sure is a blast! This is when I picked her up: The girls ready for their first trip together: (Before you ask, her cousin is getting new clothes for Christmas.) A pair of tight little rear ends: