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  1. Great job! I've been considering the same conversion for my daughter's 150rb. Can't wait to see your ride report on this. My initial concerns were fender to tire clearance when suspension is fully compressed and gearing as the larger rear tire diameter will likely make a huge difference.
  2. Pull in your clutch and or brake lever and zip tie it to the bars, leave it over night and any air in the system will be out.
  3. I agree, but you said you haven't checked the tranny fluid.
  4. Weather changes, jetting??
  5. Haha yes, by any chance did your crash involve braaaap ..... shiiiittt?
  6. ps Trying to learn from watching a Jarvis vid will do nothing but make you feel utterly non skilled, that guy can do things on a bike that no mortal can do.
  7. The switch over from a big 4t to the 300 2t is a bit of a learning curve but not as different as say a 250 or smaller 2t. The 300 will lug even lower than the 4 stroke and it also pulls fairly strong into the higher revs. The 2t responds much better to clutch modulation than the big 4t does. Your Moab trip will be the perfect training grounds, you just need more seat time to get the feel.
  8. I would be very interested in seeing how those cartridges perform. I'm afraid they're too pricey for me by the time I get them through the Canadian border tax/customs.
  9. Correct
  10. nope
  11. Very simple. I needed a special puller to split the case but the rest was very easy, just follow the instructions provided in the manual (download from Beta site). I had a rare crank bearing failure (caused by rust) at 50 hrs on my '16 300rr.
  12. Sounds about right. How many miles/hrs on the new bike?
  13. The plug on the 300 is very easy to remove and replace from the right side of the bike without having to lift the tank. The plug wire takes a bit of technique but once you figure that out it's not a big deal.
  14. Wowsers! Is this also the first ring change?