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  1. silver_fox

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    If everything seems to be working fine, just keep riding it... I'm sure if it gets really bad a warning light will light up JK.
  2. silver_fox

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    We have a Rekluse on a CRF and it's definitely louder than the stock clutch was.
  3. silver_fox

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    Mine is loud too but the noise goes away when I pull in the clutch lever. Some Beta's have loud clutches.
  4. silver_fox

    Rear tire suggestions

    Check out the MotoZ Arena Hybrid BFM
  5. silver_fox

    200RR / 125RR / XT250 Beta Canada

    I just saw the photo of the 2019 Beta 200RR on Steve Holcombe Racing site on Facebook. Looks pretty... not sure what the suspension manufacturer is, it looks different.
  6. silver_fox

    Naked (no graphic) Betas...

    Rim decals serve zero purpose it's just bling. If you are in to bling on a bike the bling should have a purpose to either enhance performance, save weight or add protection.
  7. silver_fox

    Naked (no graphic) Betas...

    Rim decals... why stop there, might as well add some of those fluorescent spoke protectors as well. Come on guys, these are dirt bikes.
  8. silver_fox

    2019 Beta's

    You must have ridden the Beta demo bikes at the Panorama Hare Scramble. Great event, what class do you ride?
  9. silver_fox

    2 stroke going straight to power band when reving

    You are right. It's just that the original description is so vague it's hard to guess what the problem is.
  10. silver_fox

    2 stroke going straight to power band when reving

    Check the throttle cable routing and make sure it's seated properly on top of the carb.
  11. Our public land riding areas are starting to enforce the use of spark arrestors, which ultimately is a good thing. From what I can find, it appears the available options for Beta 2 stroke SA exhaust systems are limited to the FMF Q-Stealth, FMF Turbine Core 2 and the Pro Circuit Type 296 canisters. Is there much difference in performance of any of these options? I'm very happy with the noise level and quality of the stock FMF unit but it lacks the SA.
  12. silver_fox

    Engine knock/noise??

    Deleted. Wrong post
  13. silver_fox

    Engine knock/noise??

    Here's some pics. The rust on the crankshaft was like grease and it wiped off, there was zero pitting or staining on the cranks machined surface. The bearings were shot.