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  1. dturk

    MP chain tool

    I've got the MP trail tool and a few other bits & pieces, all great kit. Gotta hand it to them they really pay attention to detail.
  2. dturk

    MP chain tool

    lol I do feel a tit now...adding a link that answers my own question! In my defence I bought it off a sight without a description, but still that doesn't mean I'm not a tit haha! Right, looks my chain install will be on hold for a little longer than I had envisaged. Kompact, the MP in your link looks awesome, but I'll be buying in the UK and that item costs about $20 more. How does the DRC version look? https://www.dirtbikexpress.co.uk/workshop__and__tools/motocross_tools/motocross_chain_tools/drc_hardware_pro_chain_breaker__and__riveting_tool As an aside, I'm guessing the mini tool I have would be ideal for the trails if I carry a split link with me as an emergency recovery? edit. just watched the video, I'm sold..MP PBR it is!
  3. dturk

    MP chain tool

    Greetings all, long time no see [emoji4] Got a question re chain fitting. Picked up a new did x ring chain & sprocket after snapping the chain. I have one of those Motion Pro mini chain press tools, which I think is for the clip style master link and wont rivet the master link. Tool as per link below, any good for what I need? I want to rivet the link... https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-08-0070-Chain-Press/dp/B000WJEIZM
  4. dturk

    "The Recovery Room"

    Hey guys, thought I'd post an awesome video I watched recently. Appreciate there are no LRP's in the clip, but there is a WRR (next best thing :p) and the scenery & soundtrack rocks.
  5. dturk

    Forma adventure boots - Brown = Amazing!

    Great boots, recently bought my second pair but I still use both. My first pair are probably 4-5 years old and are no longer 'storm' proof but they will keep my feet dry for short distances. I previously tested them in torrential rain between Geneva - Como, a good 4-5 hour ride, & my feet were perfectly warm and dry!
  6. dturk

    "The Recovery Room"

    'sup everbody? Been a while since I came here, hope you're all well? Life with the WRR/X is great! I've just added a couple of other bikes to the stable, I sold my '03 GS & got this 'lil beauty... oh, and I picked this up for gits & shiggles
  7. dturk

    When Are We Going To Get A Bigger Gas Tank?

    The key words in your post are FOR ME. Yes, for YOU the standard set up is fine. For others it is NOT. I had a CRFL and desired a larger tank. I now have a WRR and recently fitted a 3gal IMS tank. It's all about personal preference. Just cos YOU don't want something doesn't mean others shouldn't. Slightly on topic...breather pipes on larger tanks...are they all standard one way jobs? The breather pipe that came with the IMS tank fitted on my WRR is long and ugly and needs changing to a shorter one pronto!
  8. dturk

    One Woman, One CRF250L, One World!

    The girl's got a voice on her... https://youtu.be/cxAQrz3EQF0
  9. dturk

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    38 & still in love with my blue gal. Had her since August 2014 and have never looked back. Sometimes think I might have done better going for the 690.....but then I'm like nahhhhhh! Got me a set of Warp 9's too so got the 2 in 1 package
  10. dturk

    fake fmf exhausts

    Interesting! I guess they're not road legal either? Surely they can be sold to be used on private tracks/land?
  11. dturk

    fake fmf exhausts

    Buy it If you have no love for your bike
  12. dturk

    Fork upgrade UK/Europe

    Thats a LOT of pauses there
  13. dturk

    Still here... Been a minute

    Hey bud, hope you're all fixed up soon! Dirt is good, stick with it when you heal....concrete is way more painful!
  14. I love KTM's, ridden a bunch but have not owned one. The 690 is a BEAST, weighing slightly more than the WRR but has heaps more power. Their dirt bikes are proven on & off the track. I like the 1190 but it is waaaay out of my price range. I'm thinking of selling the 1150GS for a late model 990
  15. Nobody mentioned the KTM 690 enduro...or is that out of OP's price range? And Gnath, the Tiger aint big compared to these this