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  1. 3d0

    yz426 help

    When you install the exhaust camshaft, piston at TDC what's the clearance? Can you take a picture?
  2. 3d0

    yz426 help

    Check that your shim is seated well, there should be no problems then. What's the size of the shim?
  3. 3d0

    First pics - First Gasser - First 2-smoke !

    Sweet bike man, enjoy it, congrats! It's never to late to hop on a bike and have fun
  4. No, you dont need to break the cam chain, just tie it up with a wire or zip-tie to the frame, don't let it drop in your crankcase. You can check your valve clearance and write it down somewhere, keep your shims and buckets (valve lifters) organized and the gap will be the same. I would check for valve leakage first, then check your valve seats and valve faces for any signs of pitting or damage, also check if the valves are bent. Edit: Hope this helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_-n20Op1j0
  5. 3d0

    Front end bind

    Check your steering bearings, also avoid over-tightening the ring nut.
  6. 3d0

    yz426 issues

    I don't think you need to take the carb apart more then you already did to replace the jets etc. What parts do you have left?
  7. 3d0

    2013 Motocross of Nations

    Will RV race monster energy cup? Any news?
  8. 3d0

    2003 YZ450F Wont start

    Don't really wont to put them on any painted parts. Lay the shell down on your engine blocks, or place it next to the cylinder. Don't touch the plug, now give her a nice smooth kick and watch for blue sparks.
  9. 3d0

    Yz 426F Camshafts

    01 and 02 had Ti valves, SS are less expensive. Mine is a 01, will get all the parts next week so I'll let you know if she starts. BTW did you get your bike to start?
  10. 3d0

    Yz 426F Camshafts

    Yep following the manual, the piston is on tdc. I bought new SS valves, so the head might need some work to be done on before I try the new intake cam that has a different angle on the lobes then the old one. Need to wait two weeks before I can try again!
  11. 3d0

    Yz 426F Camshafts

    I have intake and exhaust cams from the old head, and from the new head. Thats 2x intakes, and 2x exhaust cams. I used the old intake cam from the head that blow up, it was in perfect condition so I installed it. If you take a look at the pictures you can see the intake cams (from the old and new head) have the lobes pointing at different angles, thats with the marks aligned with the cylinder head surface. I'm going to buy her the hotcam AD cam if she fires up, just want to make sure if thats the correct angle the lobes should be pointing before trying again? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I'm kinda new here, been lurkin around a lot reading before I had to ask for advice. So I've been rebuilding my yz426f 2001 from bottom up. I guess it skipped a toothe or dropped a valve and the piston slamed on the valves, choping some of them completely off. I bought a used 02' head which included everything, Ti valves, springs, camshafts etc. Did the bottom end, bought new piston and rings, installed everything. Checked the clearances, the exhausts are .25 and the intakes .15. Cleaned the carb, got new gas, new spark plug, new yamaha cam chain so everything is ready to start. So I tryed firing her up, but after a few kicks nothing, I had the choke pulled so now I tryed to prime her with one full throttle opening. Then bang, she backfired, I was thinking she has to start now, so I kicked again and still she backfired, now my guess was the timing is wrong? Checked, and the timing was good, had the piston on tdc then I noticed the exhaust cam timing is off slighlty (didnt take any pictures sorry) maybe by half a link on the cam chain, tryed adjusting it but theres no chance of aligning the marks on both the intake and exhaust, so fustrating. I took a look behind and the lobs on the intake camshaft arent pointing up, they are more linear (horizontal) to the head, picture no.1 Btw thats my old cam, I installed it becuase it was in mint condition. Picture no.2 is with the intake cam from the new head. So now I know the intake cam is no good, but need to verify which one has sliped the gear on the shaft? Did some rough measurements, so you can see the difference. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  13. 3d0

    help instlling hot cam/ chain slipped

    Can you take a picture, I guess I have the same problem. The only reason could be the camshaft gear slipped on the shaft, therefore making it impossible to perfectly line up all the dots as per the manual says? Thus changing the timing, it could possibly lead to disaster, or not having her start at all. Lucky me I have an extra intake camshaft, so I installed it (with the head removed) aligned the dots, and when you take a look at the cam lobes they seem evenly pointing outwards, that wasnt the case with the old camshaft, the lobes on the intake cam seemed to be pointing down into the head? I did a complete rebuild, new crank, piston, head, gaskets etc. but used my old camshafts thinking they are fine, guess not. I couldnt get her to start, just backfires? Waiting for new valves, till then I cant really tell if thats the case, hope this helped. I