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  1. I have a late 60's Honda CT90 that I've been working on and it needs a crank rebuild. The rod and its bearing are shot (as most are). In order to change them you have to split the crank in half which is a much bigger job than what I can do in my garage. Well I guess I could probably get it separated, but definitely couldn't get it back together without a ridiculous amount of run out. So I'm hoping somebody can recommend a trusted shop in the greater St Louis MO area where I can take the crank and have the bearing and rod changed. Or maybe I'm over-thinking it and any machinist could do it?
  2. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    I examined the K/S to C/S gear fit very closely and while I didn't see any rubbing or anything else unusual, it's impossible to see inside the cases after everything is assembled and running. So I agree that it's possible that the gears will wear against each other. Here's a detail I forgot to include earlier. There is a thrust washer that goes between the K/S and 1st gear. This is what keeps the two gears from rubbing their faces together. The later K/S gear has a slight relief on one side. As best as I could tell from the fiche and FSM, that relief is supposed to face towards the 1st gear. However, when I oriented the gear like that, it slightly rubbed 1st gear (next to it). The relief took away the clearance that the washer setup. So I flipped the K/S gear over so that the relief faced the case instead. In my pic you can see that there is a gap between the two gears of about 1mm, the thickness of the thrust washer.
  3. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    Some pics for your enjoyment. First, the '83 kickstarter assembly on the left and the '02 on the right. Now, just the shafts. They seem to be identical, save for a deeper lever bolt groove on the '02 to fit an 8mm bolt. I don't have the later 8mm kick lever so I've swapped all the bits from the '02 shaft over to the '83. Not ideal, but at least I get to use the lever I have with the bigger gear and stiffer ratchet spring. These next three show different angles of the kick gear area that I clearanced out. I used a Dremel loaded with a cutoff wheel. This one shows the '02 kick assembly installed in the case half. This shows the transmission gear alignment. The trans gears themselves are from the original '83. The starter related gears are from a '90. The trans gears themselves lined up ok, but the two starter gears don't quite line up. I didn't swap out the CS 1st speed gear as I didn't have one. In spite of this, the case buttoned up evenly and there was no binding evident. A pic of everything installed in the left case half. This is comparing a "standard" 13mm wide 6006 bearing (on right) with the "special" 11mm wide Honda bearing. The cases would not close up until I swapped for the narrower bearing.
  4. Whozaa

    Pictures needed: xr200r decompression

    Does this help? (clickable)
  5. Whozaa

    Pictures needed: xr200r decompression

    Not the best pic, but here's one on eBay. You need the assy in the lower part of the pic. http://www.ebay.com/itm/83-Honda-XR200-Engine-Decompression-Cable-Mount-Clamps-/400443150977?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3c459281&vxp=mtr
  6. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    I've ordered one of the 11mm wide 91005-965-681 bearings to install in place of the "normal" 6006. I've test fit both the output shaft and kickstart shaft and the case closes nicely with them in place. It's only when I try to fit the input shaft that the case won't close up. There's a gap of about 2mm which suggests that the thinner bearing will do the trick. I've clearanced the case around the larger kickstarter gear. It was rubbing in a couple different spots but some careful dremeling took care of that. I'll be sure to keep track of all the details and post them all up as I go. I'll also try to get a pic of my clearanced case to show you all where the gear was rubbing.
  7. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    I think you're right about the bearing thicknesses. The fiche from both years describe it as a 6006 bearing, but CMSNL shows the spec as 30x55x11 which is 2mm thinner than a standard 6006. That's some kind of sneakiness right there on Honda's behalf!
  8. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    That's interesting about the different bearings. I've compared my year fiche with a newer one and although the bearing part numbers are different, the description suggests that they are both 6006 type. I was thinking the bearing bore in the case itself might be deeper in the newer ones. Maybe if I bought that newer bearing everything would fit properly? I haven't clearanced the case for the kicker pinion gear yet, but I will be sure to. The input shaft is the one that is giving me trouble. I'm tempted to machine down the starter gear that fits into the back of the clutch basket as its about 1/16" taller than the "correct" one. That would let me get the cases closed.
  9. Whozaa

    kickstarter gear swap XR200

    My '83 XR200 has broken kickstarter gears, all three. I was originally going to replace them with exact replacements, but then I found out that the later years ('87 and up) have stronger gears. I bought a set and am trying to fit them into the stock case. The ones for the kick shaft and output shaft seem to fit in the cases ok. But the one for the input shaft is keeping the case from closing up. Has anyone done this swap before? Any ideas? I've searched but I haven't found anything directly answering, so any help would be appreciated!
  10. Whozaa

    oil pathway to cam

    Here's a link to the Honda service manual I've been using for my 83. It's actually for 86 and up, but seems to be applicable to the earlier motors as well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/lns1sbl4t01k02v/Honda%20XR200R%2086%20-02%20Service%20Manual.pdf
  11. Whozaa

    1987 xl185/200

    I'm interested in this as well. All the kick related gears in my 83 XR200 are missing some teeth. I'm planning to replace them, but I'd love to know if there are updated or better parts.
  12. Whozaa

    XR200 teardown advice

    Thanks Chuck. I was going to ask if the XR cams were interchangeable with other models, say from an ATC. There seem to be more of those available and at better prices. But then I saw the line in your previous post "All 79-02 XR185/200 cams are the same, all of the other model cams are milder." which answered that question before I asked it. So I'll be buying a new XR cam from Honda.
  13. Whozaa

    XR200 teardown advice

    Does anybody have any info on the chinese cams on ebay? Like how they compare to a stock XR cam spec-wise, reliability-wise? They're half the price of an OEM Honda one. Here's one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-XR-185-200-200R-1979-2002-Aftermarket-Mid-Range-Camshaft-Cam-/400589924201?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d45052769&vxp=mtr
  14. Whozaa

    1997 XR80R flooding

    Hey what's up dude? Small world yeah? Sorry I don't have any advice for you, just wanted to say Hi.
  15. Whozaa

    XR200 teardown advice

    After closer inspection I think I'll need to replace all 3 gears related to the kicker. Both the idler on the trans output shaft, and the one on the kick shaft have missing teeth. The smaller one that drives the clutch isn't missing any, but there are a couple that are chipped. I'm watching eBay to try and get as much of this in one assembly as possible as buying them seperately will rack the bill up quickly. The ratchet itself seems to be ok though. None of the ramped teeth are broken or badly worn. I'm having some trouble interpreting the fiche though. My bike seems to be missing parts 12 and 14. Part 12 isn't shown on the parts list and part 14 is listed as discontinued. (I used ServiceHonda's fiche). I looked at a later year fiche and it has a slightly different arrangement where part 14 is deleted and they only use part 12. The inside of the case is a little chewed up from gear 2 rubbing against it. This makes me think that part 12 is necessary to act as a spacer to keep gear 2 from rubbing the case. Does this sound correct? Also, since the later years have part 14 deleted, do you think it's ok to run without it? I think it goes on the outside of the main case. Possibly to keep spring 11 from catching the case surface?