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  1. Is there significant difference in shock lengths for EXC 450 (530) 2008 vs EXC 450 (350, 500) 2017. Besides length, is this an interchangible bolt on job, or are they completely incompatible. Story is about fitting 2008 TTX to 2017 350 bike.
  2. 5valve

    Sachs shock questions. 09' Husky

    Is the pdf file for exchange valve setup still available anywhere, would like to compare it to mine and soften it a bit.
  3. 5valve

    Beta 350 Sach rear Shock revalve help?

    Kyle Tarry, did you remove ring shim on your rebound or was it non existent from new?
  4. Luckily no heating was needed, till I tried to remove the dowel to derust it. Even then it was a pain to remove, with properly heated case. General problem is, the bolt hole comes out of the case, so water can enter and rust the dowel. Will prelube and fill the exit hole with epoxy.
  5. Managed. All bolts were removed, but front dowel was seized. Luckily, I saw a video of dowels exact location, so I could tap at the right place, just below water passages. Came of easily. Heating would probaby interfear with plastic waterpump gear.
  6. 5valve

    Gas Gas Enducross EC 300 2008

    In the overhaul process.
  7. 5valve

    Gas Gas Enducross EC 300 (2008)


    In the overhaul process.
  8. 5valve

    Yamaha WR400F 1999

    Good bike, reliable, heavy to steer and pick up
  9. 5valve

    Yamaha WR400F (1999)


    Good bike, reliable, heavy to steer and pick up
  10. Undone all bolts, managed to get it loose. Clutch removed completely. Rear side, at kickstarter is free, but front, at the waterpump is stuck. I did get it out a couple of mm's, but is a very unresponsive and metal twisting sensation. Is there sth else, manual is not talking about?
  11. 5valve

    Tm racing 400 no spark!

    Values I could measure with multimeter, were spot on. Magnet visually seems close to yours - battered. In the past, bike suffered a lot of sudden stops, resulting in magnet rotations on the crank. All parts, except magnet were replaced back then. Magnet really could be worn out. Since it is kokusan magnet, could it be replaced with other bike brand. I know wr 450 has similar flywheel.
  12. 5valve

    Tm racing 400 no spark!

    thats how we start it and how it then runs
  13. 5valve

    Tm racing 400 no spark!

    Tried different coil, measured resistances in pickup and original coil, all elements seem fine. It might be CDI, as cables are OK
  14. 5valve

    Tm racing 400 no spark!

    Absolutely true on that one. Hardened, burned like, broken plastic
  15. 5valve

    Tm racing 400 no spark!

    Not sure on the mechanical part problem like woodruff. After some time of haul starting, bike began to kick start normally, but it is not the case anymore. It seems like it needs a major electrical hit for some part to get enough juice to start the bike. Then it idles and pulls just fine, untill you stall or stop it. So mechanics like rotor phasing are OK. Did you see the spark in the video? wiring is OK, bike works when it is started by towing.