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  1. brayjay

    RK Tek head

    Finally got around to installing my RK Tek head today on my 07 yz250 and I spent a couple hours on our local single track trails. This head is a huge improvement over the stock head and I could notice the difference right away. I can run one gear higher then I used to just like they state on their web site and the bike just keeps pulling. I told them to set the head set up for 91 octane pump gas, 2300 feet in elevation and that I was mainly riding single track. With the stock head the bike was 2 degrees retarded on the timing and stock jetting other then a 42 pilot jet and I never changed a thing with the RK Tek head. No pinging what so ever and the bike rips. Should have bought one sooner.
  2. brayjay

    Oil filler bolt broke

    I used one off a crf230 on my kids 03 kx250. It works perfect. Just cut the metal dip stick off flush and good to go.
  3. brayjay

    kx250 case swap

    Hey thanks for the info. Yes some of the bearing part numbers are different so might be a no go. I might just buy the cases and if they end up not being able to work then I will probably just re sell them.
  4. brayjay

    kx250 case swap

    There is nothing wrong with them. I can get the new 98 cases for cheap so I though I would grab them for a spare set just in case. Thanks for the hotrods info. Looks looks the might work.
  5. brayjay

    kx250 case swap

    I have access to a set of new 98 kx250 oem cases for a real good price. Anyone know if they will swap over to a 2003? Part numbers are different and also one crank bearing number is different but I have read they will work. Just trying to confirm before I grab them.
  6. If its any help my 07 fouled plugs like crazy. Worked down from the stock 50 pilot to a 42 and haven't fouled a plug all summer. Bike runs perfect. Elevation is 2300 feet and temps 75 F.
  7. brayjay

    WR450 winter jetting

    Thanks. Yes I wont know until I run it in the cold. I just want to hopefully get it as close as possible as I don't have a heated shop and changing jets outside in winter wont be happening.
  8. brayjay

    WR450 winter jetting

    I know its way too early but I have some time on my hands and I am in the process of prepping my 08 wr450 for ice racing this coming winter. My question is regarding jetting for elevation of 2300 feet and temps around 0 to -5 Fahrenheit. It has JD jetting in it now and I figure a 48 or 50 pilot jet, 170 175 main and blue needle on 4th or 5th clip? Also what would I change the starter jet to for cold starting?
  9. brayjay

    YZ250 2nd to 1st neutral issue?

    My low hour 07 does this as well. I was starting to think it was a bent shift fork but after reading this probably not.
  10. brayjay

    yz250 head mod

  11. brayjay

    yz250 head mod

    The motor is bone stock and with 91 pump gas I get pinging in the mid range. I moved the needle to the 3rd clip richer and it still pings. As far as I know the head mod changes the squish. From what I have read pinging seems to be a common problem on a stock yz250. C12 does stop the pinging. Lowering the compression with a thicker base gasket might work but most seem to go with the head mod.
  12. brayjay

    yz250 head mod

    Yes I might try that. Just read a thread on the subject.
  13. brayjay

    yz250 head mod

    how did the RKTek head work out?
  14. brayjay

    yz250 head mod

    Anyone have any recommendations other then RB designs for a head mod ? Reason is they don't ship outside of the USA and I would like to have something similar done to what they do to stop pinging on pump gas. I am running 50\50 c12 pump gas now and it pretty much stops it but a little pricey.
  15. brayjay

    Fouling plugs

    I also thought the same regarding that small of a pilot jet. Thing is it runs perfect and the plug is tan. No hanging idle or bog. I am going to change that gasket and switch jets and see.