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  1. Good to know, i thought something might be wrong with the speedo. It should last more than 5 hours....
  2. Hi guys, i have a 2019 Husqvarna TE 300i. The computer/spedometer started acting wacky with about 4 hours on the bike. I have only handwashed/hosed the bike so far, and actually noticed moisture in the screen on the second (out of 4) rides. Well last night i went to clear the trip mileage(s) and it started to go haywire. It went into the mode where you could alter trip mileage and never would come out of it. Tried every button, combination of buttons, let it sit for 10 minutes, turned bike on, spun wheel, etc. I should add here that i had an 2015 husky so I know how to operate the unit, and even pulled the manual out just to make sure. That wasn't the problem either. Once in a while after an hour of monkeying with it, it would go back to the main screen and upon spinning the wheel the spedometer functioned, and the CEL would come on momentarily upon starting like normal. But still it basically won't function. Being a dirtbike guy, i was like, lets tear it apart! Pulled the few connectors that link to bike, and its of course still powered as its battery powered. There is a small reset button, so i tried that to to avail. Screen went crazy, then went back to main screen and acting wacky. Pulled the battery, pulled the battery and hit reset, acts the same way after. One thing to note; this thing is not sealed well. The front peice is one integrated piece of plastic and a clear lens. Not sure how well the lens and front piece are sealed, i'm hoping their overmolded together. The rear has a gasket that seals to the front, that looked okay, no rips/tears etc. However the gasket did not run around the six screws or reset button. Most good gaskets will go around the perphery of the body, as well as around each screw hole to isolate it. So water can get in both the screw holes and the reset button. Its possible too that when it was assembled the main gasket wasn't properly sealed (smushed to the side or something). I called my local dealer and they said they should be able to replace it as the bikes only 1.5 months old, but i'm fearing the same problem with the next one. I may use RTV and seal the reset and screw holes. My 2015 husky had suffered many, many washes as well as one drowning (dropped bike in stream, fully immersed, hydrolocked engine) and never had a problem with the screen. I"m considering upgrading to a trailtech as they have a good reputation, but this bike has fuel injection/oil injection/low fuel level/CEL integrated onto the factory computer screen. If i go to a trailtech, does anyone know if those items will be supported? Anyone else have trouble with these newer screens? I think this one is a bit different than my 2015 husky as it has a few more "lights" for CEL, fuel injection/ fuel level, etc, but i could be wrong. The screen in question is attached, you can't really see some of the warning lights unti they are illuminated. The oil level light is the separate indicator on the upper right. Thanks all in advance.
  3. I figured i would ride it first after just messing with the "idle screw" (actually the air screw) a bit. I never noticed it one bit during the ride. Either i was looking too hard for an issue riding around the yard or the problem fixed itself to to a lot of stops/starts which may have allowed the ECU to tune itself a bit to our conditions. In any case for now i'm leaving it alone; I'll see how it does on future rides. Overall this bike is awesome. Its the only bike that i swung a leg over and it just felt natural; the geometry, the cockpit, the suspension (very soft but thats how i like it). And the engine, oh my, it was so easy to loft the front wheel and transfer weight to the back with a slight twist of the throttle. It made obstacles, hills, just about everything easier. I found myself using the clutch in single track in second gear and noticed the rpm wasn't changing.....I didn't even need the clutch, it was just habit from my 250 2t needing rpms during slow sections. It lugs like a tractor down low, and just when you think thats what kind of bike it is, hit it up high and it takes off like a rocket. This is easily the best bike i've ever had in every category.
  4. Funny, i actaully tried this weekend, and was putting more force than i was comfortable with and stopped. I did adjust the (idle screw) as shown in the book, which is really an air screw, and was able to get the bog to mostly go away, but not completely. I may ride it like this a bit and if i'm unhappy i'll pull the whole assembly out so i can put and externally adjustable idle screw. What ever came of yours?
  5. Wow 240zdan, that is exactly what i was looking for. Everything i've found up till now said that the "idle adjust screw" really an airscrew is a bad fix, this is exactly what i needed, thanks so much for the link!
  6. Hey all, i just purchased a 2019 TE300i in the US. Have a few questions for everybody: I am a 210 lb woods rider. I have a 2015 FE 350 that was revalved for woods and i love it. Very soft, minimal deflection, etc. It really shines going over baby heads, square edges, etc. I wanna give the stock 300i suspension a chance before i revalve it, and i realize it will break in a bit over the first 5ish hours. Does anyone have a good recipe for settings? I was going to start with significantly softer on compression than comfort, and leave rebound at comfort and go from there since im looking for pretty soft. Any thoughts I isntalled the map switch, does anyone know at which setting (1 or 2) is aggressive vs softer? I have the bike torn apart for mods and this may be obvious when i ride it, but i'd like to know going in. Any thoughts on soft vs aggressive for different terrain? What do you use? I have a off-idle bog problem. I think it was mentioned in this thread by someone else but not completely resolved. If I'm in gear, clutch pulled, it will idle about 5-10 seconds and either stall, or if i give it gas, it will bog then rpm will rise like normal. I'm newer to 2 strokes but its almost acting like its loading up. There is a "idle adjust" screw, but i'm told its actually an air screw and the true idle is fixed inside the throttle body (right terminology?) and there is a slavins kit/mod to make it truly adjustable from the outside. Anyone completely figure this out? I don't want to change the air screw only if both need adjusted. Any other tips/initial mods anyone has done? Other than that loving this bike so far. Only rode around the yard but power comes on quick, but still pretty smooth, not like my last 250 2 stroke. Its a pretty quiet bike, and the power seems to sneak up on due to that, i'm used to power coming with a lot of exhaust noise! I think its beautifully engineered as well. All the little things; way the radiator guards are plastic, but beefy and the plastics mount in 2 places to the guard, not the radiator itselft. I've snapped of quite a few radiator tabs in my time. Love the new air filter attachment method, i was always worried that i didn't have air filter perfectly seated and dirt would slip around it. Even the engine mounts are nice looking. Can't wait to see what this thing will do!
  7. Okay, I fully rebuilt a 1983 XR350. Full motor overhaul, etc. This bike is the dual carb version. I rebuilt the carbs, cleaned the jets, etc. Here is the issue. It fires up (especially) typically after about 5 kicks, runs till it warms up, then starts to backfire and die next time i hit idle. Re-starting choke on or off is useless. I can get it to sputter but never come to life. Compression is great (new rings and honed cylinder), spark is great. The side covers are off any i'm using a foam oiled filter. Basically i'm an idiot when it comes to carbs and the manual i have is no great help. All i know is i'm pretty sure i don't have intake or exhaust leaks, and the carb is clean. Can anyone give me an idea of what is wrong? I adjusted the air mix screw per the manual, all the way in, 1.5 out. Is there another adjustment i'm missing, how do i diagnose from here? Thanks in advance guys!
  8. mmc205

    Honda CRF250L 2014

    Its good, runs reel nice, kinda slippee in da mud
  9. mmc205

    Honda CRF250L (2014)


    Its good, runs reel nice, kinda slippee in da mud
  10. mmc205

    Who here has the most miles on their CRF 250 L ?

    2500 miles on my 2014. Got it in early September, haven been able to ride for about 2 weeks now due to PA weather.