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  1. beastybaconman

    Street legal 1988 XC 250

    I just got my first Husky bike a 1988 XC 250. She's in pretty mint shape for the most part and came with a bunch of the original paperwork which is pretty cool. I'm planning to try and make it a street legal dual sport and from what I can tell the European versions of this bike came pretty much street legal from the factory with a speedo and brake light already set up. So I'm wondering, how hard would it be to just get some of the euro plastics and rig up a speedo and brake light on the US version that I have? Or is there an easier way I could go about getting her on the road? Also since this is my first husky, are there any big problems with these bikes that I should look at? Any help would be appreciated
  2. beastybaconman

    How much oil for a 2000 XR80r

    Alright thanks for the info
  3. beastybaconman

    How much oil for a 2000 XR80r

    I'm in the process of changing the oil in my cr 250 and my brother's xr80r and I'm not quite sure how much oil the 80 needs. It's a 2000 but it has the older looking plastics, and I couldn't find a manual specifically for the 2000 model just for the 97 and 03 models. Problem is, in the 97 manual it says to use 0.7 quarts but in the 03 one it says to use 1 whole quart so I'm guessing there's some change in the engine design between those years. Could anyone tell me how to identify which engine I have and how much oil I should use for it? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. beastybaconman

    Need help picking tire for my CR 250

    I have a 97 CR250 that needs a new rear tire. Right now it has a Michelin starcross MS3, but the middle knobbies on the rear are worn wicked bad cause the guy I got it from rode it down paved roads all the time. Where I ride up here in Vermont it's usually either clay, gravel, rocky trails, or grassy fields, and a worn rear tire on a 250 means she'll break traction in almost every gear. So I'm just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a tire that'll grab good, last a while and hopefully not break the bank. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. beastybaconman

    97 CR 250 fork questions

    the forks were a little soft, but I checked the clickers on top and they were adjusted all the way soft so the oil is probably fine. I tightened them a little and it seems better but i haven't driven it yet. What do you think a good starting point would be for the clickers?
  6. beastybaconman

    97 CR 250 fork questions

    I just got a 97 cr 250 and I'm trying to set up the suspension. Right now when I compress the forks they don't come back up all the way but if I pick up on it they come up and stay until they're compressed again. Does this mean the oil is low? And if it is do I need to completely take the forks apart? I only ask because in the manual it shows that there is separate oil for the outer tube and the inner dampener and it looks like you have to take it all apart to drain it. Also what oil should I use? In the manual it says 5w but is there an oil that is better suited for woods riding? Any help is appreciated.
  7. beastybaconman

    Fine tuning cr250 carb

    Fixed my own problem. Turns out the choke was getting stuck half open when you tried to close it. So now it doesn't idle, but I don't care because it runs mint.
  8. I just got a pretty mint 97 cr 250 and I'm trying to tune in the carb. Right now it idles, but it's weird, it's like the rev's bounce. I've never had a 2 stroke that idles but I'm pretty sure it should just idle like anything else. Also after I ride it a bit when the revs bounce it revs pretty high. The guy I got it from seemed pretty inexperienced with bikes and said he messed with the carb to make it idle. So I think the best thing would be to just "reset" the idle adjustments. So what would be a good starting point to set the idle screw/choke and the fuel air screw to? It's a keihin flat slide carb with the electronic power jet. And there is an overflow fitting that is missing from the lower part of the bowl, would this cause any problems other than dirt getting into the carb? I'll try to get a decent video with the weird revving tomorrow. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. beastybaconman

    Do you need a choke on a carb?

    Alright so I think I'll be ok for a bit, it's almost winter anyway. I'll probably just get a choke for it at some point so I don't have to worry.
  10. It's probably a stupid question but I was just wondering if a dirt bike can run without a choke and if there's just a plug in it, would it be like having the choke on or off? I'm only wondering because I just got a bike but there's just a plug kind of thing where the choke should be. The plug has a hole in it so I'll probably have to plug that.
  11. beastybaconman

    cr 125 clutch basket question

    Ok thanks for the info
  12. beastybaconman

    cr 125 clutch basket question

    One more question, is there any specific oil I could use in the bottom end to help keep the plates from grabbing in the grooves so I wouldn't have to file it down as much?
  13. beastybaconman

    cr 125 clutch basket question

    Would the clutch slapping and bumping cause anything to wear out other than the plates and basket like bearings and stuff?
  14. beastybaconman

    cr 125 clutch basket question

    That's the plan for next year. I only have a few more weeks of riding before it starts snowing anyway. I'm already replacing the center clutch hub because one of the thread stud things is broken off, so next spring I'll replace the basket and maybe get new plates if the ones in it now are too beat.
  15. beastybaconman

    cr 125 clutch basket question

    Ok thanks for the info, I just don't want to mistake a bumping sound for something else in the bottom end.