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  1. Maxpudding1

    Red Bull KTM 150SX Factory Edition

    how did you get those, the white newer versions would be sweet
  2. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    Like a pound at most. The only thing i don't like about the powder coat is that it makes everything a little more snug to install (ex: shock, linkage arm, and engine mounts)
  3. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    The seat is the best damn thing i did to the whole bike. It helps my seating position and you barely notice it when you ride. Doesn't cost an awful lot to do. If your not comfortable installing it yourself I've heard people taking the to auto upholstery places.
  4. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    finished product
  5. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    These are some more progress pics of what i have so far. The bike is starting to come together now
  6. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    These are the before pics when i just put some KTM graphics on it. The top is just when i bought it.
  7. Maxpudding1

    2014 KTM 150 SX factory project

    ill have some photos up soon on updates
  8. Hey guys, I've been rebuilding my ktm 150 sx to look as closely to the factory edition KTM's. Should be cool and tell me what you guys think!! I've got some before pics which i will post first. Suspension: Pro circuit (had good luck with them) Exhaust: FMF shorty coupled with Factory Fatty Triple clamps: stock anodized by TCR Frame: stock powder coated by atlanta powdercoaters (came out perfect, Wow!) Graphics: N style 2014 factory KTM (comes with seat cover) Clutch Protector: enduro engineering All hoses: Moto hose ktm 150 kit Piston: vertex Chain: Renthal R1 Sprocket: Renthal Ultralight orange I was going to throw on some Talon hub/excel A60 but done have 1100 bucks lying around
  9. Hey guys, i recently got the FMF factory fatty for my 2014 Ktm 150sx. Overall the pipe is awesome and seems pretty good. While i was installing it i changed the packing in the shorty exhaust. Now the bike seems to be WAY quieter and it seems really different. I was also wondering what jetting changes should i make if i upgraded the full exhaust system. I looked in the installation manual, didn't say anything........
  10. Maxpudding1

    Racing a CRF 250L

    I would not try to race a 250l motocross, it has around 19 hp for a 250. Most of the race bikes (yz250f, ktm 250sxf etc) have around 40 hp. You can't keep up on a 250l and the suspension is miles off of what motocross bikes are like.
  11. Hey guys, i was out riding and the fork didn't feel to great and when i got home i went to bleed the air out of the forks, one of the forks had lots of air in it and the other had a little. I checked that setting and of course the one with more air was 3 clicks tighter. Im not sure how this happened but what should i do. Will it affect my forks at all. Also a secondary question, if i have my forks set at 135 and weight 140 do i have to send my forks back to pro circuit to get them revolved or what weight should i wait until thanks
  12. Maxpudding1

    Excel a60

    Hey i was on btosports.com looking for some excel a60's, if the size of my ktm rims is 21 and 19(1.85) why do i have to buy the expensive ktm ones if the yamaha ones are the same size, color, and everything else seems confusing to me
  13. Maxpudding1


    Also if your clutch isn't adjusted right you could be riding your clutch the whole time..........