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  1. I can send you some pictures and of my build, using the stock headlight. Cheers
  2. Please keep us updated, build pics and results [emoji1362]
  3. Godspeed Weatherman, RIP.
  4. Pics will be greatly appreciated [emoji1365]
  5. *Posted in Baja* There's a reason the Los Ancianos Tecate Enduro sells out of entries in 20 hours, it's an incredible event! Everyone wants to race this event and many are left out because they lag a few minutes when entries open. Don't let that happen! Here's your chance to have a GUARANTEED ENTRY and also a BIKE TO RACE! Fly in, race an awesome event, fly home! Not only do you get to race Tecate, EVERY PENNY goes to support JUSTIN MORGANs 2017 France ISDE effort! SPREAD THE WORD! Post this link on your FBook, on other message boards, here on TTalk! http://m.ebay.com/itm/122535568489?_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649&_mwBanner=1
  6. Rectifier, when I get back home I'll take a picture and post it here
  7. crf450x

    What part of south Baja? I have some homies down there. And when it comes to maintenance as long as you are on top of your levels and oil condition you'll be fine, the most important thing is to keep the air filter clean.
  8. Any pictures of the end product?
  9. What do you think about the end product?
  10. Sure thing 450x will be!, planning on buying an extra 450x to keep it as a parts donor in case shit, not building a powerhouse but a reliable low oil consuming 450x, I'll keep you guys posted.
  11. Indeed, this bike was developed in Baja. I believe this is one of the best documented experiences when it comes to the Baja 1000 on a bike and what it takes to accomplish the journey. Hope this motivate a couple of folks that have the budget, time and opportunity to go race down south, I'm planning to do it solo when I get back to the west coast.