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  1. BlazingGreen

    2 Stroke Outbursts

    Wow..uh...Fanboy much? Go ahead and hop off that over-rated and outdated engine's c*ck.
  2. BlazingGreen

    Carburetor Help!

    You are talking about the screw head closest to the fuel fitting, kind to the right and down a little bit correct? And I tried getting a bit/small driver in there but the angle is so hard to reach the screw head flushly it makes me not want to try so I don't strip it...(and pull the subframe/carb off to fix it like I did before I left It in storage ) What do you use to get to that pesky thing? ..I was thinking maybe a set of allen keys?? Thanks again all tips are appreciated!! (I really want to hit the trails in a few days )
  3. BlazingGreen

    Carburetor Help!

    What screw are you talking about? The one to the right of the fuel fitting when facing the carburetor??
  4. BlazingGreen

    Carburetor Help!

    Hello thumpers! -first time posting on TT forums. I found a little surprise issue when I returned from college and uncovered my 2008 KX450F to go for a ride. Everything was in great condition and running like a bat out of hell when I put it up.... When I turned the fuel petcock valve open to let gas run through the line, I instantly got a whiff of VP( ), and I knew something wasn't right. I quickly scouted where the leak was coming from....Gasoline is gushing out from where the fuel fitting should sit flush against the outside of the carburetor. I'm assuming(and hoping) running the race gas for 5-6 years combined with scorching Texas summers just eventually ate through the 3 O-rings inside of the fuel fitting..?? My main question is, how does the fuel fitting come out of the carburetor?(It twists both directions all the way around, but no progress is made as I twist it counter-clockwise to unthread it.) Does the fitting just pop in? (I doubt this, but I ask because my fitting has a VERRRYYY small amount of play backwards and forwards) Any advice/suggestions would greatly be appreciated! Thank you.