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    dropping the clamps on a yz450

    I had the same problem (I switched from riding my friends 2010 KTM which carved great to the 2010 YZ 450). Didn't want to turn...front wanted to push out (not under). Lighter springs helped, but the best results came when I moved the forks 5mm up through the clamps. Its easy to try and doesn't cost anything to change it back if you don't like it. A turn or two (tighter) on the rear preload seemed to help as well. I am no expert, this is just trial an error on my part.
  2. Good spark. New fuel going into the carb-no obstruction there. I was just messing around with it. Seems to run a little longer and better if the hot start valve is opened. Is it possible the choke could be stuck open, even though the lever is pushed in?
  3. The first plug I changed was blackish when I took it out. But the other one I changed afterwards wasn't (of course it wasn't run much). I'll check the spark after it dies (good idea). Also, it has a hot start. Using this doesn't help it start, but it does seem to run a little longer if I use it before it quits (maybe its rich? but again, I never changed jetting from previous running state). Thanks for the tips, I'll check back after checking the spark and gas flow.
  4. Its a 1998 KLX 340 with pumper carb and manual decomp mods. Was running good a year ago. Haven't ridden it much since then, but tried it this spring, and haven't been able to get it going. So I've been through the forum, and already tried the suggestions I found from previous posts, but the bike still won't run. Actually, the bike starts fine when it hasn't been run (cold). Usually just 2 kicks with or without the choke (using the manual decomp kick with then without). It runs a couple of minutes, then starts to sputter and smoke. Then dies. Now it won't start. If you wait a couple of hours it will start again, cycle repeats. I've checked valve clearances twice (I figured that would have been the problem). But within specs. Compression is good. Changed the spark plug twice. Cleaned the carburator and jets (haven't made any jetting changes to the carb since it was running before). I'd take it into the local shop, but all to often they hand you a 500$ bill and a 'we changed a few things, but it still doesn't work. Good luck.' All the basic maintenence things are done, clean filter, oil change etc. I'm running out of ideas, usually I can keep my bikes running, but this one is turning out to be a mystery. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks, for the ideas...I'll give those a try. The bike seemed to be running fine. Then it sat for ~4 months. When I tried starting it...nothing.
  6. So I'm troubleshooting a 1998 klx 300 (340 kit) that won't start. I've reviewed many of the "won't start threads" and tried some suggestions. I have already checked and adjusted the valves (minimal adjustment needed). Carb looks ok. It appears to me the problem may be electrical as I can see no spark at the plug gap when kicking the bike over with the plug pulled. I can't see any loose wires and even checked the stator wiring (looks ok). Any thoughts? Thanks, Brad
  7. I'm not sure, thumpertalk has deleted it in previous posts (not mine). I figured I wouldn't even bother linking it as a result. Do the internet search above, and you'll turn up the digital motocross magazine web page.
  8. I just read the first media published review on the 08 450 that I could find. Its a e-magazine available online only (I believe). They tested the european release of the 450 (no shorty exhaust). The review was very favorable, and different from some of the comments I've seen thus far. Of course everyone has agreed that the handling and turning are now superb. The reviewers, however, felt the motor improved in power compared to the 2007. They did not say there was more power down low, but said it is more responsive and has a more "racing characteristic." On the other hand, the said the kayaba forks are inferior to their showa counterparts. So what does this mean (to me anyway)? I almost bought the 08, then hesitated after hearing the motor is weak. Maybe its just the exhaust. So now I'm thinking about it again. Anyway, I can't mention the direct source, but if you do an internet search that includes motocross and digital in the parameters, you'll turn up something that you can download and read yourself. Make your own conclusions and maybe comment here.
  9. Does anyone know if the new shortened exhaust incorporates a spark arrester, and if so is it forestry approved?
  10. I am leaning towards moving from my 05 KTM 300 to a YZ 450 (07 or 08). I'd like to start spending time at the mx track. I will still be riding off-road and trails (some can get tight) and I would like to ask if any have had cooling issues in slower or more technical terrain. I did a search, and only found heating issues on older models. I assume that's a good omen. Any information is appreciated. Thanks Brad
  11. bjn

    fork possition?

    Will a stabilizer help with the stability and shake, allowing fork adjustments to achieve quicker handling without the instability at higher speeds?
  12. bjn

    905 Threat Helmet

    Is that the oneal 905? If so, then Rockymountainmc.com. 270 with free shipping...availability is hit or miss.
  13. bjn

    KLX 300 oil bolts

    Thanks, I figured it was something like that, but wanted to be sure.
  14. OK so I was putting the top end back together. I saw those bolts with oil channels in them, but the hole in the side doesn't seem to line up when I tighten them to torque specs. Does anyone know if the oil flows around, as well as through these holes (in which case it wouldn't really matter). I tried loosening them a bit to line up the holes, but then oil leaks out. If I tighten them anymore, they may snap. Thanks for the info. Brad
  15. Hold the manual compression release during the first kick, then kick once without it. It almost always starts first try. I use the choke when its cold as well. Not much of a routine really, but its all I've needed, even when hot starting (I never open the throttle during starting; pumper carb is present).