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  1. I made the change and to be honest I'm enjoying the 4 stroke. It doesn't have the 2 stroke hit and the power delivery is smooth and steady. Many moons ago I did own and race a RM 250 so I understand the appeal.
  2. TR185

    Cool Tie Down System

    A few years ago I invested in an expensive solution to securing my bike. It was a simple wheel chock that has a single ratchet strap that goes over the front wheel and two self tightening straps, something like a seat belt, that secures the rear of the bike. It works and I like it but it was expensive. As far as straps go I have used both pull down and ratchet style straps. Today I use the pricier, wider pull down straps as they do not slip.
  3. I tried a waist pouch but the constant bouncing turned me off on it and a back pack or hydration pack. I decided to go with something attached to the bike rather than me.
  4. TR185

    450 or 250?

    I switched from a two stroke to a 250 four stroke and love it. For me the two stroke hit was annoying and excessive. Yes, I toned it down but the hit was still there. I found that I love the linear power of the four stroke. Understand this though I don't race but rather putt through the woods and for that the 250f, at least for me, is a perfect fit.
  5. I've experienced that a couple of times. Once going around a corner with wet leaves covering hard clay then BLAP! I found myself on the ground with the bike pointing in the direction I had just come wondering what happened. The next time I was in first riding up a washed out road going up hill. The road itself was uneven divided into a higher and lower section with the embankment being about chest high. I was standing focusing on the road itself and completely missed the sapling sticking out of the embankment. The sapling caught me on my right shoulder, knocked me off balance and down I went. The moral of the story is to always wear your gear cause you never know when, where or how crashes will happen.
  6. TR185

    Glasses and Goggles

    I ran into that problem until I bought a well ventilated helmet.
  7. Are you talking one bike or a bike for each or you? If a bike for each then I'd seriously consider what Doc suggested.
  8. This one was a 2016 model with a rubber mat covering the cargo area and a metal wall / partition dividing the cargo area from the front seats. The dealer told me that was $1,000 extra if I had it added. With only 21,000 miles on it the price was over $20,000 and out of my price range. I did like it had a back up camera on it.
  9. Went by the Ford dealer and looked at a Transit 250. I was impressed by its cargo space.
  10. I like the security of a boxed trailer so a van is something that interests me. Checking out Craig's List.
  11. I can see the benefits of all three. My last trip I used the truck but in the past I have used a enclosed trailer. The trailer was awesome for room, storage, ease of loading, unloading and a changing room. But an enclosed trailer is excessive when you're hauling only one bike so I've started looking at a van as an alternative.
  12. Years ago it when we first started riding dirt bikes it was common practice when we hauled our bikes to the woods to attach tie downs to the handlebars. Last year I bought a wheel chock and it came with a short winch style strap that goes over the front wheel. That system kept the bike firmly in place even when I drove over rough ground. I even did a side by side comparison and discovered that the regular tie downs would slip but the winch straps did not. I was so impressed by the simple over the wheel technique that I converted the other wheel chock to that style. Something to consider.
  13. TR185

    Old guy, slowing down

    A year older than you and I took the leap from a 300 down to a XCW-F 250 and I like it.
  14. A $180 a lesson?? Save your money kiddo and find someone willing to teach him for free - I like the big bother and open field idea. CJ is right though if your brother can ride a bicycle then he is half way there.