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  1. DR_Motard

    GPS Speedo options?

    Having a GPS can be nice.
  2. DR_Motard

    Junk Cylinder head?

    I think the XR650 and KLR spin faster.
  3. DR_Motard

    how many miles?

    It is the gear between the clutch and the oil pump. Everything in the engine not affected by the gear's failure looked great. It was truly surprising to see after the abuse that engine went through.
  4. DR_Motard

    how many miles?

    It felt like it had run out of fuel, but it was way too early to be empty. Once stopped, it could be pushed forward very easily while in gear like there was no compression. We sourced a new engine for it and got it running over Thanksgiving.
  5. DR_Motard

    700cc Big Bore DR 650

    You might be able to save some more weight by drilling a few holes in your frame.
  6. DR_Motard

    how many miles?

    My DR had ~80,000 miles on it before it gave up on our trip up to Seattle. So many good memories. Oh... Right... This is the part that caused it. Some of the damage.
  7. DR_Motard

    Few SuperMoto Questions

  8. DR_Motard

    Few SuperMoto Questions

    Why not?
  9. DR_Motard

    Bigger rear sprocket = better torque?

    You'll have to look at gear selection and rpm (from which you'll find power) before and after the change to determine what has changed. Of course, you might add or remove a gear change at some points along the track which you will also want to take into consideration.
  10. DR_Motard

    some random dr 650 dyno graphs

  11. DR_Motard

    Galfer wave rotors

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=525125&highlight=galfer I never did hear back from Galfer.
  12. DR_Motard

    Taking my 650 down the 1/4 mile.

    Cars outrunning bikes???
  13. DR_Motard

    Taking my 650 down the 1/4 mile.

    And what might those be? And how much did those cost?
  14. DR_Motard

    Taking my 650 down the 1/4 mile.

    Absolutely not. V^2 has nothing to do with it. Power is a rate of energy output which in the case of an engine deals with its rotational speed N(RPM) or w(rad/sec) You might not care, but please do not misinform the members of the forum. 1 HP = 550 lbf-ft / sec T = torque (lbf-ft) N = engine speed (RPM) HP = T * N / 5252 = torque (lbf-ft) * RPM (rev/min) * (2pi rad/rev) * (min/60 sec) * [HP/(550 lbf-ft/sec)]