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  1. Fivefive1

    Oil Overfill

    I think they're is more then one way to water a plant....i also think ot requires reading as well. So owning a Honda and gardening is out of the book for you guy.
  2. Fivefive1

    The mighty XL's

    Resurrecting my old post. New question-does anyone have expirence with led b Bulbs? I burn out standard h4s quite a bit dude to rough terrain where im at. So any input would be great. Ps i have the dual headlight setup off a fz600 with 100 watt aux light and my standard high/low. So the aux is setup on high beam.
  3. Fivefive1

    To Do List: New (to me) 650L

    Rack, rejet and fork brace
  4. Fivefive1

    short slip on exhaust xr600

    Im pretty sure a muffler shop can cut a glasspack in half and weld it on
  5. Just buy it and go with the flow! Always exciting right?
  6. Whats ypur plans for the bike if purchased?
  7. Funny part is ive never seen a "scrambler" even remotely muddy...or dusty...haha. only parked in front of a coffee shop or fancy over-priced camping store in downtown portland.
  8. Fivefive1

    Longest lasting cheap chain

    Always replace chain with sprockets. Or waste the new item on the worn pieces.
  9. These poor bikes. Target another brand!!! * Dont let me opinion reflect upon this forum either. There are great people and advice here. This is my personal thought.
  10. Fivefive1

    Longest lasting cheap chain

    Masterlink all the way
  11. Fivefive1

    Swingarm Extension

    He could knock some links out pretty easy, but he prefers rivit masterlinks instead of clips
  12. Fivefive1

    Longest lasting cheap chain

    Ditch the rivit, and get a regular masterlink with the clips. Riviting them together is a pain in the ass, plus if you want to remove chain gor any reason you have to break chain. Masterlinks all the way! No offence brian
  13. Fivefive1

    1987 XR600R Tracker/brat build

    Spray some brake clean into the intake/exhaust ports and then hold head up and see if any cleaner makes it way thru the valves seats. You should see it if there isnt a good seal.
  14. Fivefive1

    Longest lasting cheap chain

    Buy cheap, buy twice. By expensive, cry once. Dont be cheap with chains. Unless you want it wound up in your countershaft sprocket with a nice chunk out of your case. Its your bike though.
  15. Fivefive1

    1982 XR500R, Should I buy?

    Those forks look like cr500 forks, buy it!!! I know a guy that bought one-same year and rode it from san Diego to alsaka and it needed a full rebuild before be left. It burned almost a half quart of oil every day but it made it all the way!