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  1. Some have been capped but I bet there are more unmarked than capped shafts
  2. Cave ins, slick unstable walls, what ever trash is at the bottom, and since you can't clime out you need to walk out a tunnel or get roped out. Mines tend to be labyrinthitis with many levels dead ends toxic gas, hungry rats oh ya your probably hurt from falling, water, and after all that the entrance is most likely dinamighted closed so no one walks in to expensive, doesn't place a great danger to enough of the population. Most of them are unmarked and inaccessible.
  3. have them by me too, probably the only thing I get scared of, it wold be cool to see what's down there though. By me most are half filled with water, a good 60 ft to the water
  4. it's fun as hell on clean ice you can corner almost like pavement then crack the throttle and the real fun starts
  5. rocky mountain ATV & mc, gold, orings chain and a set of steel sprockets got a few years out of it pitched the chain once at the master put a new one on and it's been good. It was mostly my fault I bent the clip a bit installing it but it was good for a while.
  6. send as close to 100 USA bucks as you can and it's a good set (that's for a chain a front and rear sprocket) any More it's to much money
  7. or buy a chain breaker there about 20 bucks
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