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    Too Tech Suspension, Torrance Ca. ?

    I had Rick do my '02 XR650 and it "seemed" like the bike was 40 lbs lighter. I could fly through the whoops at Cal City! Unbelievable difference. He also did my wife's XR400, my YZ250, and my '04 CRF450 (the current race scoot). Of all those bikes, the 650 was the one that showed the most drastic improvement.
  2. Jimbo137

    CRF450R riders

    6' 205 lbs. You can handle it fine.
  3. Jimbo137

    Sound testing in Ocotillo Wells!

    I saw "the Man" cruising around, but did not see him checking anyone for anything.
  4. Jimbo137

    Z-start instalation ?

    The clutch is very easy to install. The accessory clutch adjuster/override was not quite as easy and I had to call them a few times for clarification. They told me they were working on new documentation.
  5. Jimbo137

    who uses fork support to tie bike down?

    I use them all the time. For 16 bucks, it's just worth the peace of mind that you're not weakening your fork seals and springs needlessly.
  6. Jimbo137

    Vet X at Cahuilla this weekend!

    Yep, had a good time. My wrist is all messed up. Not sure how that happened. Too bad about your 1st moto start. You would have smoked me otherwise. Looking at the photos on-line I can see my cornering technique sucks. I look like an old man ... oh wait ... Guess that's where I'll be concentrating for awhile.
  7. Jimbo137

    Ocotilio Wells

    Man, the thought of Alan going through this major life-changing event because of negligence makes me sick. At least before he could chalk it up to taking a digger (like all of us have) and the luck of the draw. Now he has to live with the fact that somebody's f**k up caused all this. That's a tough pill to swallow.
  8. Jimbo137

    Vet X at Cahuilla this weekend!

    It's a good lookin' dark gray RAM 2500 4x4. I'm gonna try to get the spot we had the last time we rode up there.
  9. Jimbo137

    Vet X at Cahuilla this weekend!

    Yo Leon, I pitted (is that word?) with a guy yesterday who was making his first run on a new RM250. He had been racing a CRF450 for the last few years. At first he was so-so on it, but he got happier as the day went on.
  10. Jimbo137

    Vet X at Cahuilla this weekend!

    Hey Mike, come on up to Cahuilla on Sunday and line up at the gate. You can race the 1st time beginner class and they let you race the first time without having to join. I'd say you could race against me and Leon, but you're still a youngster and we race in the old man's class.
  11. Jimbo137

    Vet X at Cahuilla this weekend!

    Jimbo136, Jimbo137 ... it's all good. I went out to Cahuilla today to practice. Running the track backwards is a trip, but cool once you get used to it. I had a pretty major get-off up there two weekends ago, as Rokatt88 will recall, and today I was plagued by the "first-ride-since-I-crashed-my-brains-out" syndrome. Hopefully, I can shake that monkey before Sunday.
  12. Jimbo137

    Subframe bent

    I took a digger and bent my subframe. Does anyone know where I can get one online? I tried a few of my regular places and none of them had a listing for one.
  13. Jimbo137

    Subframe bent

    Thanks for the info, matte. The bend isn't too bad so I'll try to get it out with brute force before forking out the bread.
  14. Jimbo137

    Subframe bent

    Thanks. I am going to try to straighten it first, especially after seeing the price!
  15. Jimbo137

    Need help Quick on z-start !

    Installed mine last week. All the parts were there. You need to call them.
  16. Jimbo137

    Revalving Forks on XR650R

    I had a 2002 XR650R before I got my CRF. I had Too Tech do the suspension and I was very happy. It made the bike "feel" 30 lbs lighter. I highly recommend it!
  17. Thanks so much for the info. I found this distressing enough that I created a new thread for those, like me, who had not heard about this. Cal City is my favorite riding area and this just makes me hate the Nazi environmentalists even more.
  18. Jimbo137

    Very bad news about Cal City

    I happened to find out about this on a somewhat unrelated thread. It's very distressing: CALIFORNIA CITY - The city will turn over a 31.6-acre camping area used by off-road vehicle enthusiasts to an environmental group as part of a settlement for the group's lawsuit attempting to halt development of the Hyundai-Kia automotive test track. The Center for Biological Diversity and Society for Wilderness filed a lawsuit earlier this year against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, alleging the service did not properly consider the project's impacts on the threatened desert tortoise and Mohave ground squirrel when granting permits for construction. "The Bush administration is jeopardizing endangered species by unwisely rushing construction permits before securing conservation lands," said Daniel R. Patterson of the Center for Biological Diversity. "They couldn't have picked a worse spot environmentally" to build the track, he said. In addition to the desert tortoise and Mohave ground squirrel, the site also includes a Joshua tree woodland. "From an environmental habitat perspective, it's a really rich site." Although California City was not a defendant in the lawsuit, the U.S. Federal Court in Riverside hearing the case granted Hyundai's motion for the city to intervene. The city council approved the settlement Tuesday night on a 4-1 vote. The city will transfer title of Campsite C to the Center for Biological Diversity, who intends to end off-road vehicle use of the area. The settlement also states that the permit will not be reopened or amended; any tortoise found on the test track site that tests positive for a common tortoise respiratory disease will not be moved to the healthy population; and Hyundai will retain a botanist to survey the site for Barstow Wooly Sunflowers, a plant species that is under study for possible threatened status. "I'd like the Center for Biological Diversity to know that this is a form of blackmail," said Mayor Larry Adams, voicing the lone dissenting vote for the settlement. "That's all it is." The environmental assessment of the site found 19 desert tortoises, Adams said. Those will be relocated to the 4,400 acres Hyundai is providing as a preserve. The company also is providing a $1.5 million endowment for tortoise protection. Transferring ownership of the campsite area benefits the city in that it no longer holds liability on the property, said City Manager Jack Stewart. Although owned by the city, the land is no longer within city boundaries. It was part of the territory de-annexed to Kern County in exchange for the test track property. The lawsuit did not halt construction on the test track. The track itself is complete and the associated buildings are expected to be ready for use this summer. The facility will be used by the company to test prototype vehicles in a variety of situations and will employ about 50 skilled workers and administrative staff full time. Another 50 will be seasonal or part-time employees. Engineers and consultants from Hyundai America Technical Center will also be visiting the facility. The facility will include a 6.4-mile oval track, a vehicle dynamics area, a vehicle-handling course, a paved hill road and several special surface roads. A 30,000-square-foot office complex will be built on the site. Besides jobs and income for local businesses, Stewart said the city will net between $200,000 and $300,000 a year in taxes.
  19. Where did you hear that Camp C was closed?
  20. Has anyone used the RTT? I'm getting ready to buy a Scotts but hate the size.
  21. Jimbo137

    Breaking news (alessi and MC)

    From press release: It's Official!! Mike Alessi has signed a 2-year deal with factory Red Bull/KTM. Mike will contest the 2005 AMA Chevrolet Motocross championships and the 2006 supercross and motocross championships aboard the all-new KTM250F 4-stroke. The Alessi family believes "This decision will act as a stepping stone to aid Mike in achieving his future goals and ambitions of becoming one of the world's best motocross racers." Jeff Alessi will continue with Honda racing and will contest the amateur national motocross schedule for the remainder of 2004/2005. Jeff hopes to debut in 2005 in his first professional race, and to continue the relationship with Honda Pro racing well into the future. Most of Mike Alessi's personal sponsors will be able to make the move as well to the new team, as we look forward to a very successful new season. Finally we look forward to exciting times in the future for both Mike and Jeff Alessi, and they each grow towards their new goals and future ambitions. www.800801.com
  22. Jimbo137

    More Breaking news on Alessi

    Good job ALLOY MX! When I buy my next set of gear I'll be looking at them.
  23. Jimbo137

    Breaking news (alessi and MC)

    I hope for his sake the KTM is a 4-stroke.
  24. Jimbo137

    Labor Day Weekend

    Agree. I've learned from experience to avoid all 3-day weekends at the major ridng areas. Too many idiots!
  25. Jimbo137

    Caheula Next Friday - (please ignore spelling)

    I raced my first race in over 20 years up there on Sunday. Great time and a trophy on top of it! It's a nice track.