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  1. Rock Hugger

    Georgetown Saturday 6/22

    I have to use the map a lot when I ride up there, unless I ride with big bob. I work the weekend so I won’t be going but enjoy it, it’s a great area to ride.
  2. Rock Hugger

    Close call on FH trail 5

    I need to carry something like that. Could have been very handy. I was wishing I had one. Some days?!?!? Everyday!!! lol
  3. Rock Hugger

    Close call on FH trail 5

    4 psi with tubliss and the tire still seems stiff. I was riding alone, I work weekends so weekdays are my only time to ride.
  4. Rock Hugger

    Close call on FH trail 5

    So I staged today in the Sugar Pine Staging area and wanted to run trail 5 since I haven't ridden it before. The only two times I've ridden FH I staged at China Wall and rode trail 6. There is still a ton of water and mud on the trails which made for a slippery climbs, the M5B doesn't have good traction on those wet rocks. I also saw a large brown colored Black Bear. I took the #5 loop counter clockwise. The washed out creek crossing about 3/4 of the way around the loop got me. The rear tire spun and the back tire slid down, as I tried to pull the rear end back on line I lost the bike and my footings and we both slid down the creek like a water slide. I'm soaking wet, the bike is on its side in the creek. I get the bike stood back up and am wondering how I was going to get it back up to the trail, there was no traction to even hardly stand. I was wishing I had a rope or something with me. I ended up fighting it for a while and finaly got it back on the trail. I need to crop the go pro footage so I can post it. That was an adventure. lol
  5. is the trail just over grown or is it blocked? I was thinking about going up there tomorrow to ride trail 5 and maybe 6.
  6. Rock Hugger

    Yuupy yup another ride, lower elevation. Coming Saturday

    I might be able to go on Monday or Tuesday.
  7. Rock Hugger

    Yuupy yup another ride, lower elevation. Coming Saturday

    Possibly Monday or Tuesday next week. I’ll have to look at my schedule and double check.
  8. Rock Hugger

    Yuupy yup another ride, lower elevation. Coming Saturday

    I wish I didn’t work weekends so I could tag along. Maybe someday.
  9. Rock Hugger

    Forest Hill Trail 6 open?

    I wonder if the trees are closer to some of the other roads that the trail come close to. Might be a shorter ride with bigger equipment.
  10. Rock Hugger

    California Dual Sport Registration...

    You should be able to register it. I bought an XL500 years ago that was out of DMV's system and it was no problem registering it after a CHP vin verification. I don't remember if it had1 or two vins on it.
  11. Rock Hugger

    I usually like winter, but......

    Damn Sean I didn't know anything was going on. I'm glad you are on the mend. As others have said don't rush it and make sure you heal properly.
  12. Rock Hugger

    It’s time

    If you are bored this weekend you can pull the Jeep out and help us rescue a buddies Jeep that broke down and needs to be recovered. It's not too far from you...
  13. Rock Hugger

    Gopro helmet mount

    I use the SoPro chin mount and it works great and doesn’t get in way of anything.
  14. Rock Hugger

    What GPS or accessory is this from? See pic

    My first GPS had a connector similar to that. It was a Garmin Etrex Vista from around 2002ish.
  15. Rock Hugger

    Where to get good socks?

    I bought socks from Cabela's for a Deer and Elk Hunting trip a couple years ago. They are perfect for riding. They are tall enough they are a little above the boots, thick enough to have some cushion. I haven't noticed them being any hotter in the summer.