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  1. 67tundra

    Need easy trails for the wife

    Well went to Wade Road park today. Defiantly no a great place for someone just starting out. But it has a nice single track, and a pretty nice motocross track. I tested out the dirt by flying over the bars and doing a couple flips and face planting.
  2. 67tundra

    06 kx450 jetting

    The bike backfires now with the header on. I haven't tries adjusting anything yet.
  3. 67tundra

    Need easy trails for the wife

    Finger lakes isn't bad there's lots of open trails that just wind around the place and if you wanna get crazy just take one of the trails that lead off from the main ones. There's also wade off road park. Haven't been there but I think it's a nice place.
  4. 67tundra

    06 kx450 jetting

    Ok I'll put it on and see how she likes it. And go from there.
  5. I have a 06 kx450 I ride around 800 ft most the time. I have a power bomb header I'm getting ready to put on. Any suggestions on jetting and needle position?
  6. 67tundra

    Rekluse Clutch

    Should be easier to ride without using the clutch if you have a rekluse clutch. That's my understanding of them anyways.