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  1. xrrider

    XR 250 / 400 Wheel hub the same??

    i tried swapping 99 xr250 hubs with a 03 xr400 and it wont work. the bearings and spacing are different. u might b able mod it to fit but that might be a hassel.
  2. xrrider

    Best place to buy SM wheels?

    PLEASE READ POSTS ON ALL WHEEL SUPPLIERS B4 U MAKE UR DECISION!!!! i dont want to read the same complaints over and over again!!!!!
  3. xrrider

    Home made bike stand!

    crap i had three jacks like that lying around, just threw them out!!! and spent 120 bucks on one at a bike show!!!! thats a great stand!!!!
  4. xrrider

    which mikuni carbf or 2003 XR400r?

    thx guys i just picked the edlebrock from the thumper store. cant wait!!!!
  5. xrrider

    hotcams for xr400???

    and with a stage 2 i can use stock springs and lifters right? i might go to a bigger bore but i want to c what the cam will do first. If its good enough then i will keep the bore stock.
  6. xrrider

    hotcams for xr400???

    which hotcam would you recomend for a motarded 2003 xr400?? im riding it on the street and hwy but i dont know if i should go fro a stage 1 or stage 2 hotcam for street riding??? thx
  7. Hi guys could anyone tell me the part number for the mikuni pumper carb for a 2003 xr400r? im assuming its 42-6093 from the cat but i want to make sure b4 i order. thx!!!
  8. xrrider

    which pumper carb 4 my xr400 tard?

    im gonna keep the org piston for now, so the stage 2 is not too much for the stock lifters and piston?? i would like a bit more top end
  9. xrrider

    which pumper carb 4 my xr400 tard?

    cool thx for the advice, im leaning toward the eldelbrock and looking at a stage 1 hotcam also. cant wait to get my hands dirty!!!!
  10. xrrider

    which pumper carb 4 my xr400 tard?

    hummm, u guys are making this a hard choice!!!! LOL!! well i will b doing street riding since its motarded, i cant remember what the jet sizes are at the moment but i tried 3 different sizes and still runs like crap. i like the idea of having no jets 2 change im also tempted to get a cam, hotcam, done it to my 250 and it helped. which hotcam is good 4 the 400?
  11. xrrider

    which pumper carb 4 my xr400 tard?

    sorry i 4got to mention the pipe is opened with the tip (loud pipes save lives!! works for me) air filter is moded and so is the air box, ground the header welds also. ive been playing with the jets but cant get it to run smooth, it bogs when u gun it and it can b hot or cold shes a pain to start. sometimes i tighten the idle screw ad she starts better but then when shes warm i gotta turn it back out.
  12. oh man its been a while, its time to put the snowboard away and start cleaning the dust off the tard!!!! so i need advice, which pumper carb should i go with my 2003 xr400r? im looking for a bit more power and easy start. it took a good 1/2 hr to start her last week!!!
  13. xrrider

    East Coast Wheels

    as i said on supermotojunkie i feel your pain!!!! but it took 4 months just to get half my order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. xrrider

    supermoto xr 400

    im running 15 on the front gear and 39 on the rear. 39 was the smallest i could find for my xr400 mortard from sprocket specialists. i got her up to 99 mph but my next buy is a pumper carb. she hesitates on the throttle and is a pain to start!!!!
  15. xrrider

    do xr400 wheels fit xr250 ???

    been there, done that, and they dont fit. the front axle off the 400 is larger and the rear bearing spacing is different, the rear sprocket will not align to the drive sproket, it will also hit against the plastic gaurd. The bearings have different thickness, u could make custom spacers but thats where i stopped and just got my hubs swapped. the bikes were a 99 xr250r and a 03 xr400r.