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  1. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Hey Sophie - that will probably work fine - and the heat shrink both makes it look better and provides strength. Did make me wonder about parts availability for 80s CRs though - could you still get that harness (and stator?) new from Honda/Partzilla if you had to? I'm guessing that it wouldn't be cheap... but my theory (with no data) is that you can still get parts for vintage Hondas & Yamahas (maybe back to 1980 or so...) but Kawi & Suzuki... not so much....
  2. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    But Sophie those backward-ass early 80s CRs are soooo Euro-exotic with the kickstarter and chain on the WRONG side....
  3. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Is this a dirt bike engine or a Honda museum display? Dang !!! Better be careful that the Honda marketing people don't steal it and put it on display...
  4. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Looks like you can catch the back edge of it with nice long pin punch...and drive it out the top side. They shouldn't be too tight of a press fit right? But maybe the rust monster has them locked in... Borrow the 2lb Sledge from MotoX - THAT FIXES EVERYTHING !!!
  5. F1Jim64

    Fuel mix for a two stroke

    I highly recommend adding about a cup of mothballs to every 2 gallons of pre-mix for the YZ1405 ! Although some have run into problems with this method... "Never tried moth balls. Couldn't get the moths to hold still long enough" http://dirtrider.net/forums3/threads/motorcycle-myth-3-adding-mothballs-to-your-fuel-will-increase-the-octane.184659/ @Motox367 @TeamGreenPilot
  6. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Man - there's a decent amount of adjustment in that stator/timing plate.... I wonder how much people have played with advancing timing on those 80's bikes? I guess there must be some kind of advance curve built into the ignition box - but if you advanced the timing plate - that would add some timing advance at all speeds... be curious to do some reading on how much difference it makes...
  7. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Buckle up for safety! Oh Nevermind...
  8. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    If you'd started with this you'd be done already - and had extra time to do my 450R motor too !!! You just knew that I'd find an excuse to post it again, right? 🤣
  9. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Hey Motox - just remember that he lives in Arizona, so his riding season is longer than Memorial Day to Labor Day... 🤣 I am reminded of freezing my arse off in September trying to ride in Northern MI, and watching it snow on my birthday in early May.... I do not miss it - except for about 10 weeks of summer... Dang Sophie - I just need the address of your "Bike" house so I can mail all my CRF450R motor parts to you - you really need to branch out into 4 strokes 😎. Oh wait - you can practice on my 450R before you do YOUR 450X. See how helpful I am???
  10. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Hard to tell from the pics - but how deep are those sawtooth grooves on the basket ears? Can you just smooth them down with a rat tail file? I'm just asking for a friend...as I always spend as much as possible on my rebuilds using only Honda OEM parts... 😎 Especially cases after I smash them in my China Freight press...
  11. F1Jim64

    Where to go from Colorado for New Years riding?

    LOL don’t hold back TGP. And here I was worried about running into Walter and Jesse cooking up some Heisenberg Blue in the Motorhome...[emoji1787]
  12. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    I know... right? Obviously he subconsciously doesn't want to ride it when he's finished. I will be glad to break it in for him - just need to find some local VMX in Texas.
  13. F1Jim64

    1988 CR250R Rebuild

    Naked Ricky Johnson would approve... after thinking about it 🙈
  14. F1Jim64

    New to the KX450f forum

    Planning to ride a dirt bike on the street with your ATL homies? 🤣 I'm guessing not since you're obviously a North Avenue Trade School gearhead... but be advised these guys are out there - and may be riding your old KTM !
  15. I’ve still got the stock crank so I can compare the rod lengths to the hot rod stroker and tell you where the stroke difference comes from. As usual I’ve got questions for you guys: - Surprised there wasn’t a big jetting change since you’re making a lot more power? - Not sure how I balance a piston by taking weight out... I know the multi cylinder engine match them all to the lightest one. I guess the lighter the better but don’t want to weaken it. - you said bigger valves and porting in the head. Do you know the valve specs and who did the work? - my stock crank has a bad big end bearing. (Rod is discolored) There are shops that can press it apart and rebuild it with a new rod and bearing? I guess I always assumed people just bought a new crank...