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  1. trench632

    CR80 Inverted Forks on XR100-Some tips?

    Dude that's incredible! You have saved me hours. Thank's a bunch... Happy Holidays
  2. trench632

    CR80 Inverted Forks on XR100-Some tips?

    Okay, I found your website on your profile. Looking forward to seeing some pics!! Thanks.
  3. trench632

    CR80 Inverted Forks on XR100-Some tips?

    Cool, I would love some specs and pics. What is the address for your website? Thanks. -Gabe
  4. Hey Guys, I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on how to put a 98 CR80 inverted front end on a 2001 XR100. I realize that I will have to have the forks shortened, but it's for supermoto, so that's not an issue. I just got a killer deal on a CR front end ($75 !!!) and I'm determined to give my XR some real suspension. I'm assuming I will have to press out the steering stem and lathe it down? Is this the best way? Also, what is the situation with the bearings? Use stock or? Also, if anyone has any specs or tips (or hey, save me the headache and I'll pay you to do it for me!!!) to make this an easy swap I would be sooooo appreciative. Thanks and Happy Holidays!!! -Gabe
  5. trench632

    2003 CRF 450R Supermoto For sale

    I'm selling my CRF450 supermoto - $4200 This is a very nice bike, ready to race. This bike has all the fun stuff like: Braking 4 piston caliper, 320mm Braking wave rotor, Excel modular hubs laced to Excel alloy 17 inch rims (3.5 front, 4.25 rear), Yamaha R6 master cylinder and resevoir, White Bros E-Series slip on, FMF power up jet kit, Maxxis supermoto Presa slicks, Renthal fat bar, Cycra Pro-Bend hand gaurds, Acerbis black plastics, One industries black seat cover, RG3 triple clamps, RG3 tuned suspension (stock height), Maer Supermoto front fender, fully adjustable Fast way titanium foot pegs (plus other misc. Fast way parts here and there), Catch tanks for both the radiator and fuel lines...ect. I'm probably forgeting stuff. You can probably still see pics of the bike here, this is an old e-bay ad, and the bike is not currently on auction- it's ready to go! http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4545673374#ebayphotohosting Gabe Trench 818-634-9175 gltrench@juno.com
  6. trench632

    CR80 Wheel Question

    I don't have an answer for you, but I wouldn't mind knowing how you put a cr80 front end on your xr100. I've thought about it, but haven't tried-How'd yah do it?
  7. trench632

    Supermoto Suspension-Who's the best? (and cheapest)

    Thanks, I'll give Chuck a call.
  8. Hey Guys, I am going to have my crf450 suspension re-valved and lowered a tad. Who is the best, and most affordable in SoCal? I heard there is a guy in the 909 that does good, inexpensive work (Chuck or something?). Any leads would be great. Thanks.
  9. trench632

    Troy lee team use slipper clutches???

    Of course they do!! (which i'm guessing is the only reason they are faster than i am.....)
  10. trench632

    Getting into SM.

    I put street tires on my XR100R with apparently about the same size wheels(19/16). It's fun to ride because everything happens in slow motion compared to a 450. I tried the Dunlop GT501 and really didn't like them. They are fine when the temps are up, but if it's cold, like below 60, they are like riding on ice. And, do not buy JC Witney tires-they are cheap because they are junk (hope that doesn't offend anyone). Go for Bridgestone BT-45 sport tires (their is sport touring and sport-get the high perf. ones-I think they are marked with an "F"). And yes, you must use two fronts, nobody makes a 16 inch rear the size you need. They are great tires and even ball up on the sides like a race tire-you will end up paying about $200 for the pair though.....Good luck!
  11. trench632

    xr-100 front disc brake

    Does anyone know a way to fit a disc brake on the front of a xr-100? Or any other front ends that will fit on an xr-100 that would take a disc? Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. I am riding an 03 CRF450 and am getting horrible chatter in both the front and back when I brake heavily or try and spin up the rear. I just mounted a Braking 4 piston caliper and 320 rotor which I imagine is the source of most of my new suspension problems. I'm running stock motocross suspension, Maxxis slicks (17's), and I weigh 165lbs. Can any one post some basic suspension set ups (front and rear) for me, and put it in rookie speak? I am relatively new to supermoto and have yet to figure out the proper bike set up. Thanks guys!