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  1. Fred_Bear

    am I asking too much $$

    sold it last night. I got $3000 for it and I think it's worth more than that. But I'm happy. I am sad to say I wont be on TT anymore. I dont know the guys user name that bought it but I know he comes on here. I hope he has a ton of fun with that bike. I did.
  2. Fred_Bear

    am I asking too much $$

    I have not listed it any place else. I thought about parting it aut on here or ebay but I would rather just sell the bike. I dont have many of the stock parts anymore so taking off the upgrades is not an option. Where is the best place to list it?
  3. Fred_Bear

    am I asking too much $$

    I've got to sell my DRZ. Dont really want to but I need to. Anyway, I'm not getting any offers. I have alot of money into this bike and there is nothing wrong with it. Nothing at all. am I asking too much? http://jxn.craigslist.org/mcy/1916313782.html
  4. Fred_Bear

    Some decent pics of my DRZ

    wow! thats what my bike used to look like.
  5. Fred_Bear

    Dunlop D606's 3000 miles and going strong

    3k on a 606?? wow. I only got about 1k but that was mostly street.
  6. Fred_Bear

    rewired the headlight harness with great results

    yea I read the link but I wanted more DRZ specific info.
  7. Fred_Bear

    rewired the headlight harness with great results

    very interesting. Can we have more details?
  8. Fred_Bear

    What is the best drz tail light set up for dirt

    to be honest I dont think the Baja designs taillight is that durable. I have had to repair mine twice. Not because of spill or anything, but because of vibration. The yosh tears this thing apart. I've had diodes break off the board and LED's. I filled the rear of it with silicone last time I had it apart and let me tell you it is not designed to be taken apart. If it breaks one more time I will be going to an edge taillight.
  9. Fred_Bear

    400S: Trail Wings or D606s for the street?

    I have rode both the death wings and the 606's on and off the street. Let me tell you this - The trail wings are great on the street. Yes, they do better than the 606's. But if you hit something as simple as wet yard or sand or even a dirt road, forget the trail wings. They will put you on your but QUICK! 606's wear very fast on the hard ball. A rear lasts maybe 800-1000 miles. But the DW's will last allot longer.
  10. Fred_Bear

    A must see DRZ vid

    I HATE when that happens. Good advise on lightening the front end when going through mud holes. Glad to hear he was OK.
  11. Fred_Bear

    Stock exaust mod? Does it help?

    save some dough and drill the end cap. It wont add any power but it sure sounds better. I even drilled the restriction plate in the muffler before I go my yosh. Drilling the end cap and/or the plate will make your bike not want to slow down so fast when you let off the throttle. Sounds and feels much better but adds zero power.
  12. This is the first I have seen this tail light - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/SUZUKI-DRZ-400SM-SS-LED-FENDER-ELIMINATOR-KIT_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ35580QQihZ015QQitemZ250258094590QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW I think it is awesome. anyone use one yet? Anyone know any more info about them?
  13. Fred_Bear

    Hot seat

    if you have the gell seat it's the gell. Left in the sun it feels like it is on fire.
  14. Fred_Bear


    I just ordered a new one from Rocky Mountain for $44 plus $7 shipping. It was in stock and should be here tomarrow.
  15. Fred_Bear

    I need a battery