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  1. ManBearPig.

    Tightening flywheel weight

    It will never be an issue if you use this: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/steahly-engine-lock-up-tool-p
  2. ManBearPig.

    Kickstarter assembly spring

    It's just the Honda HP transmission lube.
  3. ManBearPig.

    Kickstarter assembly spring

    Looks normal to me. The side cover will push it back into place. https://photos.app.goo.gl/8YnrYRaEyv1RyePC9
  4. ManBearPig.

    RM250 hard starting

    Yes, coolant leaking into the cylinder will make it hard to start. Maybe try new gaskets and O-rings but if the head is warped then it will need to be machined.
  5. ManBearPig.

    RM250 hard starting

    Unless the power-valve is stuck wide open then It wont affect starting. If the compression and spark are good then it is a jetting issue. You will need to adjust the pilot jet and the needle jet to achieve easy starting.
  6. Those dents are not going to affect performance. I replaced the pipe on my bike when it got really bad and still could not tell a difference in performance when I compared them back to back.
  7. ManBearPig.


    WD40 or mineral spirits with compressed air works the best. This will leave a very light oil residue which doesn't matter for engine or suspension components. Use brakleen (green can) if you want to remove all oil from a part. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean oil from sensitive electrical components.
  8. ManBearPig.

    Piston preferences??

    OEM, always high quality parts.
  9. ManBearPig.

    2000 RM250 Running Rough

    A 55 pilot jet is way too rich. Needs to be a 42 at least. The bypass "choke" on this bike can be adjusted, standard is 12 clicks out, max is 24 (lean). It allows air to bypass the throttle slide and mainly affects idle to 1/8 throttle.
  10. ManBearPig.

    2000 RM250 Running Rough

    I have this same bike and it had this same issue. Once the jetting was dialed in, the bike ran great. I could not get it to run clean from Idle- 1/4 throttle with the stock needle. This is what I ended up with at 900ft: Idle: 40 (could possibly go to the next size down) Needle: Red JD needle Clip position: 2 Main: stock (154 i think) I ran the stock needle and the JD needle back to back and the difference was night and day. Instead of buying the JD kit, you might want to try the next leaner needle because is ultimately what the red JD needle is. Also, on this bike, the power valve can be installed wrong and make the bike sputter. There is a long pin that connects the side valves and the center valve, and what can happen is the pin can slide into the LH side valve and miss the slot.
  11. ManBearPig.

    ATF in 1999 rm250 gearbox?

    Yes, it will be fine. It should make the clutch work smoothly.
  12. ManBearPig.

    All Balls or Pivot Works for 2003 RM250?

    I will put it this way. If you plan to keep that bike for the next few years and maintain the bearings properly then go with OEM. If you plan on getting rid of the bike within a year or two and do not plan on taking care of the bearings then go with Pivot Works. If you plan on selling it within a year then use All Balls. Aftermarket bearing kits use inferior seals which will cause premature bearing failure. The lip on the aftermarket linkage seals also tend to fold out when installing the pin, which lets water and mud work it's way in. I replaced most of my bearings and seals on my RM with pivot works kits and so far I have had to replace half the linkage bearings and the fork seals just within a year. From now on, all my bikes will get OEM parts.
  13. ManBearPig.

    Suzuki noob questions

    The only fault with the Suzuki, that's not common on any other bike, is the stock clutch basket and inner hub are guaranteed to notch quickly and cause lots of drag. Symptoms of a notched basket that needs replaced: Bike will creep forward when clutch lever is pulled in all the way. Bike does not idle well. Bike stalls when locking up the rear brake. New Hinson basket ~ $250 New inner hub ~ $80 OEM or $320 Hinson This video might help too:
  14. ManBearPig.

    Kickstart won’t return

    Is it getting wedged in the foot peg or hanging up on the frame?
  15. The kickstarter spring is not installed right. The end of the spring isn't in the right spot and is getting jammed in the gears. You need to hook the end of the spring into this hole: Should look like this It is very difficult to install that spring with the clutch basket on. You may need to remove the clutch basket.