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  1. I'd like to find one of these used but I'm not sure if any were imported to the states . Does anyone know if they were ?
  2. I'd like to find a MX track to practice on in SE WI, or Northern Il. I'm 50 years old and have been riding on and off for years and raced a handful of times over that time. I'd be willing to sign a release or pay or work on the track or whatever also. I have an 89 RM 125 I just bought and I'm planning on doing some Midwest VMX events this season. Thanks.
  3. Will a 1988 rm 250 tank and seat fit on an 87 model without extensive modification ?
  4. It's a 92 WXC 250 . The WXE was the same but came with lights. CRs weren't imported to the states in 92 I don't believe.
  5. The 84 didn't have a power valve. It didn't get one till 87 and that was only one year . I think they started bolting the Cagiva engines in after that.
  6. What's the difference between an MX and GS model? Specifically looking at an 86 125 . I'm sure the serial # will tell which it is but what does the GS designation mean ?
  7. That might be an option but if there is any cutting or fab work required I would need to have someone else do it. Any machining I could handle .
  8. Very nice. I'd like to find one for evo 2 racing but I'll likely have to settle for something more common. Hopefully something will pop up. There was a 511 awhile back in the Boston area. I understand it was a 79 model ? Looked to be about 8" of suspension travel but I suppose one of those could be modified .
  9. I'd like to find one. A type 516 125 would be good or one of the re-released late 80s 250 models.
  10. Ah yes the Farce.... Hey what happened to your prediction of our team finishing off the podium ???
  11. The Source starting a thread calling for a civil and respectful discussion.
  12. Well took a little longer than expected but Im finally about done with my bike. Let me know if it's still ok to ride at your track please.
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