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  1. Time Left: 25 days and 23 hours

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    Right side is OEM and in excellent condition, no imperfections at all. Left side is Mylers brand and tweaked but does not leak a drop, could be good to send out for refurbishment. Also included are all the hoses and engine spigots. Can ship usps and I'll take venmo, pay pal, or apple pay.


    Duxbury, Massachusetts - US

  2. maybe open up your power jet or whatever the lectron calls it. I've had this condition on my Mikuni and Keihins only in the deep sand at heavy load and I increased the main jet size a few sizes and it worked out great to stop detonation. Your power jet on lectron should have a similar effect
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Roberts-Track-and-Trails-Club-502519786474650/ Good spot that I've ridden a bunch. They have an ok moto track and some nice trails as well. great spot to post up for the whole day and ride at your leisure. Many times I've been there, the owners do a great BBQ at the track which is awesome for lunch. I believe they still allow any offroad vehicles (ATV, Dirt Bike, UTV/SidexSide.....)
  4. So I've been seriously considering installing an SX 2nd and 3rd gears in my XCW trans. I feel like i need a 2.5 gear for my usual single track and its driving me nuts... Anyone done similar or thought it needs the same?
  5. Have the rear end lowered with an internal spacer
  6. You need to be around 490-500 main in my opinion. Mine with the mik would run good and detonate as soon as I hit sand WFO. 500+ main solved this. For the mikuni, I followed Kyle from dirt bike channel’s recommendation. Find your atmosphere and elevation range in ktm jetting chart and go up one and right one. I did this but with 500 main and it was excellent
  7. I've been having excellent luck with my STIC equipped 36mm Keihin, RK head, VF4 setup. It feels like the most power the bike has ever made. I even ride a gear high now and have the soft map and green PV spring. The power transition is SO smooth with the soft map, I don't know why people don't use it more often.
  8. Mog is right! I lug the crap out of my 150 and its DANG good. Anyone who says a small bore MUST be screaming to be powerful/fun simply hasn't experienced a well set up, modern enduro small bore. I could still use another 50cc though, don't get me wrong.
  9. Time Left: 9 days and 20 hours

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    Looking to buy a (take-off) newly designed expansion chamber from a 2020 150xcw or exc TPI. Can be in used, like new, or new condition. If you installed an aftermarket pipe, sell me your OEM take-off.


    , Massachusetts - US

  10. Has anybody considered trying the new larger expansion chamber from the 2020 150 xcw tpi on a 17-19 bike? I'm interested in the upgrade. It's supposed to have more bottom i think
  11. My last ride was with stic set as follows. Main 195 Pilot 42 A/S 2 out needle Mikuni 43-74 2nd clip Bike felt pretty good. I had to go up to the 195 as it was detonating under heavy load in the deep sand. It actually cleaned up the mid and top end too. I used the green power valve spring with dolly out flush and soft ignition map. SO much traction and so smooth. My new favorite setup. I think I may need to go out on the air screw even more to get a more crisp bottom. How far out can the screw go with stic?
  12. Beta X-Trainer seems like a better fit due to the better brakes and suspension and fuel capacity. I've never ridden one but all that I've read and seen on youtube makes me believe it would be a great bike for your needs.
  13. PV: I too have been experimenting with power valve springs on mine. As of now, I'm using the green spring with PV turned all the way out flush. Also, I have the ignition set to the comfort map. This combo has made power delivery pretty darn smooth and tractable. It mellowed out the hit in the transition from mid->top end and still seems to have the same low end torque as ever. This is all just based on my butt dyno and having tried all three color springs and ignition maps. Carb: Keihin 36mm with STIC like mog mentioned has been super good for me. Smooth part throttle power with this combo. Seems to have more bottom and still screams up top. Jetting is tricky as nobody else seems to be using this combo or has tuned for it. I think your money is best spent with doing the Jarvis mods to your Mikuni carb and jetting it perfectly for your conditions. JD kit did not work for me. I went up one and right one in my jetting chart and it was amazing. Also do the jet block gasket fix. Pipe: No clue. Stock for me. Other: RK tech head supposedly helps low end power.
  14. No I only lowered the rear. In my case, I lowered the rear for chassis stability and not for lowering the seat height
  15. Look into Dal Soggio for the fork. I’ve heard their kit is good and cheaper than kreft. Also lower the rear with an internal spacer like I said before.
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