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  1. DO NOT give it throttle!!!! Not until you have kicked all the way down anyways or you can seriously injure yourself. Both my 500 and 600 would kick like a mule if I gave 'em the slightest bit of throttle while kicking.
  2. How long are the batteries going to last, 2 or 3 years? How much to replace those batteries, $500? $1,000? And where do those used up batteries go? ...so much for green and Zero emissions if you look at what it takes to build, recharge and recycle those batteries.
  3. I can't say for the '83 but the '82 only had minor differences with the '02 The bottom cam chain sprocket has a different ID on the crank shaft. The stator was different but interchangeable if I remember right and the cylinders have a bit different bore. The heads were interchangeable.
  4. Well... I never found out how many watts the stator can handle but idling she puts out 19 - 20 volts AC and 29 - 30 volts AC at a fast idle. A good voltage regulator from an early 90's Arctic cat Jag 440, a few new bulbs and some rewiring and all my lights are working again.
  5. The other thing to keep in mind is insurance... I don't know how it works in the states but up here you can't insure what you do not own. You need a valid ownership/title for that.
    It does what I need it to do.
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    It does what I need it to do.
  7. SnS

    Honda XR500R (1981)


    Awesome bike to go trail riding with the kid.
  8. SnS

    Honda XR500R 1981

    Awesome bike to go trail riding with the kid.
  9. SnS

    Honda XL600R (1983)


    I wouldn't own it if I didn't like it...
  10. SnS

    Honda XL600R 1983

    I wouldn't own it if I didn't like it...
  11. You know you just answered to a 10 year old thread right??? AND GET TO BED! YOU HAVE SCHOOL IN THE MORNING!!! DAD.
  12. No, not talking HP... How much can the stator handle? Can I use a 100watt halogen bulb for my headlight? I have a pair of aircraft landing lights that I was going to install on my Jeep but sold the Jeep. It would be nice to have a light that can shine past the end of the fender
  13. This is a '98 Polaris Sportsman 500 I just bought... and this is the way I got it. But I did have to repair the one on my dad's '99 Polaris Magnum 500 once and It greatly expanded my vocabulary. I never imagined so many little springs and ball bearings could be stuffed into one switch and from so many different angles. I'm just going to buy another control for this one.
  14. I really don't think there's any money in restoring these old thumpers... my wife says mine are money pits Only advice I can give is that you get something with a title and as much history as possible. Good luck!
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