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  1. Lonergan_930

    Clutch lifter rod bearing in new cranckases? HELP!

    Is anyone able to confirm that the needle bearing out of the CR250 crankcase will work for the 125? I already have the old bearing removed from my 04 cr125 and just wanted to know if anyone was sure the 250 bearing would work before I order it. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. Looking to hear some other experiences or help in finding a 36mm keihin pwk air striker carb for my 04 cr 125. I have looked around and found that switching out the mikuni carb for a keihin is a no brainer with these post-2000 Honda 2 smokers. I've seen that most people go with a 38mm keihin, but I have seen a few go with a 36mm. My issue is that I can't seem to find a 36mm keihin with a plug for a TPS. Also, has anyone put a 36mm keihin on a newer CR and not made use of the TPS? If so, how did it respond? What bike did you get it off of? Any and all help is appreciated in advance!
  3. Screwed the pooch seems about right. Appreciate the insight into the differences between the two products though. A friend of mine that I recommended the stuff to has been using the red stuff so I will definitely mention to stay on that path.
  4. I was using the green Honda labeled no toil products so that seems fitting that you mention that, as well as a twin air filter. Is the red no toil stuff also biodegradable or is it normal filter oil?
  5. I actually don't have the motor at the moment to take pics because I already brought it to be rebuilt, but my opinion on sand being the culprit is because of the same symptoms as yours. I had large blotches of sand on the inside of the filter showing where it got through the oil, and then a trail of it leading through the airbox, carb, and reed block. I'm not throwing out the ideas listed above of it maybe being a detonation but I find it really hard to justify why that would happen after 4.7 hours with all other variables like coolant, oil, and premix being fine. Unless the yamaha piston was sub-par but I kind of want to doubt that seeing how it's one of the most popular bikes out there... I'm not exactly sure went on at this point but I know the sand had some part in it.
  6. That is the only thing I can tell myself to feel better, that at least this didn't happen on a new 450 because I certainly would not want to be footing the bill for that! But wow, shocking how similar of a case you had with it.
  7. Hi everyone. Hoping to get some feedback on others' experiences with no toil air filter oil. Here's the scoop. I've used Bel-Ray air filter oil since I was taught how to prep an air filter years ago. Since that day, I've had four bikes over the course of the last 8 years and have never had a bike blow up or have any dirt get past the filter, no matter the conditions. A few months back, I spent some time riding out in Ohio where a friend of mine mentioned that he had great luck with using the biodegradable no toil air filter oil and grease and that it made cleaning filters boatloads easier. I figured I would give it a shot and after the first use I was hooked because of how easy cleaning filters became (no toil powder and warm water). After using it on my '11 CRF450 filters for several months, I was very satisfied and even did some recommending of my own on the stuff. I decided to part ways with the 450 and bought a brand new '14 YZ250 when I came home to Massachusetts. Well, my YZ didn't last more than 4.7 hours before she blew and low and behold, sand got past the filter and had some fun in the cylinder. So my question is, has anyone else had problems with the biodegradable no toil filter oil that I'm mentioning? In my own opinion, I'm thinking that the hard packed Ohio dirt made for great air filter results upon my initial experiences with the product, but the fine sand of the tracks here in MA had something else in store for putting the oil to the test. Since my bike blew and I've sought out every opinion I can from other riders, I'm getting "Oh yeah that no toil stuff is junk" and I'm wondering if others can attest to that. I know some may say "well maybe you didn't grease enough or oil enough" or "maybe the oil settled to the bottom of the filter cause it sat" but I can assure you the filter (which was done the day of my ride) was oiled and greased just as well as any filter I've done over the last 8 years. Just looking to hear others' results! Thanks in advance! (This is the result. 4.7 hours.... this hurts)
  8. Lonergan_930

    Blue/Red Excel Rims - Where to find them?

  9. Hey everyone. Looking to find some red or blue Excels for my 2011 CRF450 for this upcoming season. I know they've made them in the past and I can find a red rear or a blue front on a few sites but not a set of the same color. Anyone know where I could find them? Appreciate any input! Thanks!
  10. Lonergan_930

    Honda CRF450R (2011)


    Love this bike. The fuel-injection makes for smooth and manageable power. The bike also handles awesome and is able to dive into corners quite aggressively.
  11. Lonergan_930

    Honda CRF450R 2011

    Love this bike. The fuel-injection makes for smooth and manageable power. The bike also handles awesome and is able to dive into corners quite aggressively.
  12. Lonergan_930

    Let's talk helmets

    As far as quality and price goes, I ride with a lot of people that love the Fly F2 lids, which you can usually find for less than $300 I'm pretty sure. Dot and Snell approved, can't go wrong. As far as my own opinion, I don't like to put anything that isn't an arai or shoei on my head. Just my opinion.
  13. I run the contours on my 11 CRF450 and I've had great luck with them. Also, I run the windham bend. I'm 5' 11" and they suit my height perfectly. Definitely recommend them.
  14. "The 01 KX250 is the fastest bike Kawasaki has ever made. Everything after that is junk."
  15. Lonergan_930

    What bike does this wheel fit?

    It's a 1.60 x 21" DID rim. Says 86-08 10- - on the side of the rim. Also has the letter "J" next to the "1.60x21" engraving followed by 4 01 DOT. The only thing that relates to a honda wheel in my eyes is the rotor mounts being similar. I don't have the hub in front of me at the moment so I can't grab measurements but this is what I'm working with so far.