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  1. wvbob

    CRF150R Basics/Specs

    doe,s anyone know the bore & stroke of the crf150f.is it different from the crf150r?
  2. wvbob

    yz-426 pipe

    i have a white bros carbon fiber pro meg e2 for your yz,$150. shipped.
  3. wvbob

    Hatfield McCoy tires?

    i ride the hatfield & mccoy trails quite a bit and have been happy with maxis it's,there are alot of rocky trails .
  4. wvbob

    YZF 400 Exhaust

    i have a white bros. e-series carbon fiber pro-meg ,great shape,$150+shipping
  5. wvbob

    99 jetting, not there yet

    my 99 wr400 has jd red needle 5th clip,170 mj,42 pj, yz exhaust,powernow, octapus is removed,all free mods,wr timing.i ride 500-1500 ft. 80- 90 degree temps.high humidity.it runs great,always starts easy hot or cold.
  6. wvbob

    Looking for YZ400F pipe

    i have a white brothers carbon fiber e-series pro-meg for a yz400.$100 +shipping.
  7. wvbob

    426 plastics on a 400

    the shroud bolts mount at a different angle to the radiators.98 & 99 are the same & 00 & newer are the same.
  8. wvbob

    wanted aftermarket yzf400 pipe

    i have a white bros. pro-meg,e-series that has a spark arrester. 150.+shipping.
  9. wvbob

    james,acv ?

    james,thanks for the info. wvbob
  10. james,i have a 99 wr400.i've done the free mods,yz exhaust,jd jet kit,blue needle 3 clip, 170 mj,45pj,i've added a powernow which required removing the acv assembly.with the hole plugged will i need to change the stock 75paj to a100paj?thanks.
  11. wvbob

    yz 400 exhaust

    how does a dr d exhaust compare to the stock yz pipe on a 99 yz 400?
  12. wvbob

    Q's for JD-WR426

    have you changed anything since you bought it?
  13. wvbob

    Which Exhaust

    i have a white brothers carbon fiber e series pro meg slip on,it's in great shape. huge differance from stock. 100.+shipping.
  14. wvbob

    Chain Guides - Aluminum or Plastic?

    i got a tm chain guide&tm slider plate.both are holding up very well.got them from rocky mountain's catalog .they are a bit noisier than stock but well worth it.
  15. thanks james! kit should be here this week.