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  1. PumkinFest

    $1,300 Riding Jacket?

    For half the price, id much prefer a BMW rallye pro 2...
  2. Well you guys have his address, anyone close want to knock on his door?
  3. PumkinFest

    Pics of my potential new ride

    Looks to be in good nick, i wouldnt hesitate in beleiving its done 22hrs.
  4. PumkinFest

    Upgrading 1998 300 EXC

    That would be 4stk '250-530 EXC/MXC/SXC/XC-W/XCR-W', hence why this is ThumperTalk.
  5. PumkinFest

    ktn replacement tank

    Looks like a 2-stroke KTM tank, in any case it wont work on your bike, and i wouldnt bother trying to make it fit.
  6. PumkinFest

    1 piece rear fender/side panels on a 2000 exc?

    Yes, as well as the seat.
  7. For any enduro riders, have a go at the Tractionator Enduro, great for single track and hill climbs.
  8. The chainring was also known as the chainwheel.
  9. Your best off buying an aftermarket lever with the pin and adjuster already attached.
  10. PumkinFest

    400 sx-19" to 18" rear wheel?

    18 inch conversion is a good move, and you will only be .5 inch closer to the ground. It is an easy conversion, but you will need to get shorter spokes if you wanna do it. Not sure what years are the same, but i would say most year 450/525 EXC models would have the 18 inch wheel with the same layout hub.
  11. We dont get the snorkel on our models Check out ebay Aus, someone let a new full Higashi system go for 300 delivered.
  12. PumkinFest

    what year is this 525?

    Post a pic, small things give each model away.
  13. PumkinFest

    fuel range on 2003 EXC300?

    Post in the 2-stroke forum for more answers. A mate gets about 90kms (55miles) to a tank in his '07, thats a mix of hard single track and open trails.
  14. PumkinFest

    Thoughts about Sneaky Dealership Tricks

    In Aus we dont tip at all unless we choose, usually only if the service was real good. High end restaurants (>100 a head) do usually charge 8-10% tip automatically though.
  15. PumkinFest

    chinese competing in the supercross

    Some 450cc clones are starting to hit the market, so i bet its not far off. This CRF450 clone is sub par, but its not far off, and its cheap too. http://www.downunderdirtbikes.com/main.asp?ID=12&Name=ODES%20MCF450-R These blokes have a YZF clone, but it looks poor. http://www.asiawing.com/english/index.asp