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  1. The stock pilot should be a 42. It sounds like a 48 would be too rich. I run a 42 pilot with the JD Kit and a stock exhaust 0 - 1000 ft and it runs like a champ. Thought this may be helpful for a point of reference.
  2. DoubleDRZ

    Why do my brakes suck?

    I had a similar problem and tried bleeding the brakes the conventional way and using a Mightyvac. No luck. A buddy showed me a neat trick. Squat down next to the front wheel facing the caliper. Grab the front tire with your hands and lean on the caliper with your knee enough to depress the caliper piston a little. Pump the front brake lever. I know it sounds silly but this worked for me. After six months of chasing this issue down, I was willing to try anyting. Nice thing is, no tools are needed.
  3. DoubleDRZ

    DRZ400 vs KTM 525EXC ?

    I owned a 2000 DRZ 400K and bought a 2006 450 EXC a year ago. The DRZ is a great all around trail bike but not a close comparison to the KTM. IMHO the KTM is the ultimate trail / off road bike. My 06' is street legal and with a little fine tuning it's an awesome bike. The KTM puts the power to the ground. I hear the front suspension on the 07' has been redesigned and is better than the 06'. The only down fall to the 525 is if you will be doing a lot of tight trail riding. They have a tendancy to overheat but an auxillary radiator fan is available. $7000 grand for an 07' is a steal.
  4. DoubleDRZ

    450 XC or 450 EXC for dual sport??

    I would recommend the EXC for dual sport. The XC has a different bore and stroke configuration designed for a bigger power hit (larger bore). The EXC tank is smaller and the IMS is a good solution to remedy this. Also think about changing the seat. The one from Enduro Engineering is a great solution.
  5. DoubleDRZ

    DIY CFC Mod for DRZ 400 K(ick)

    I know this has been long awaited by many but here's what I did to modify the CFC case saver to fit my Kick start model. These modifications have not been consulted or approved by the manufacture of the CFC Case savers so do this at your own risk! Here's a recent picture of what I ended up with. This has been on the bike through 600 miles of serious off roading. The CFCs definitely have my . Step 1 The inner diameter of the case saver is too large to fit the Kick properly. This needs to be resized but I'll get to that later. I started by marking where my relief cuts will be to flatten out the metal. I ended up with twice as many cuts as shown here due to the fact this was the first time I had done this. These cuts where made with a cutting wheel which is recommended since this material is pretty tough. Step 2 I flattened out the guard (like a pancake). The inner diameter to fit the Kick case is about 4 inches. This also happens to be the same size as a small (12 oz.) Coffee can. I traced around the coffee can to redraw the inner diameter. I then extended the original relief cuts up to the new diameter (show as the red circle) Step 3 I put the tabs in a vice and bent them until I got the angle to match the Kick case. Be patient with this step and bend small sections at a time. This will take trial and error but it's worth it. When your done going all the way around it will look something like this. Step 4 The tabs you just bent will now be too long for the case saver to sit flat against the side of the case. They will have to be cut. I marked about 1/4" (can't remember the exact length) to be cut off. This is what it should look like after you cut it. Step 5 By now you should have noticed the large notch in the upper right hand corner is too narrow. This will also need to be cut, indicated by the red marks. So it will look like this... Step 6 Follow the recommended CFC install instructions using the Permatex. Step 7 Remove the shifter and grind the back corner to provide clearance nearest the freshly installed case saver. As you can see in the first picture I didn't do this and I have a nice scar on my case saver. Hope this helps!
  6. DoubleDRZ

    when to grip the tank?

    I would suggest gripping the tank when you need more control of the bike. This would not be necessary when you cruise down a flat road. It would be advantageous when tackling whoops or pulling standing wheelies for a few examples. The place I find it most useful is high speed choppy whoops. You can slightly bias the direction of the bike and straighten out when it starts swapping or kicks out unexpectedly.
  7. DoubleDRZ

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    I had to stay home with the wife all weekend so we didn't make it to Elsinore. I'm jealous I coun't make the ride, even with the mishaps. Let me know when you get that motor back together. Also, let me know if you need someone to put that thing together for you.
  8. DoubleDRZ

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    Wow, you're famous. Can I have your autograph? Blew up the 650? What a bummer! Let me know when you get that thing bolted together. We need to plan a dual sport ride.
  9. DoubleDRZ

    Elsinore GP

    Where is the camp area? Directions?
  10. DoubleDRZ

    Elsinore GP

    I e-mailed the organizers the same question. Response... "You can camp where ever there is not a No Parking Sign" I thought, thanks for the details. That really clears it up for me. :cry:
  11. DoubleDRZ

    D38 racers out there?

    Miguel, D38 has been taken over by Sidewinders Motorsports. Check out the link below for details. You need to be a current AMA member to enter these events as they are sanctioned by the AMA. No roll charts needed. They will provide maps and the courses are marked very well. Mike Cuff (and family) has raced D-38 for a while and has done a great job organizing these events. http://www.sidewindersmotorsports.com/
  12. DoubleDRZ

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    Aaaahhhh crap. Just talked to the wife. She has to be on bed rest from Wednesday through Saturday. Damn this pisses me off. Have fun and have a cerveza for me. Don't forget, watch for oncoming traffic!
  13. DoubleDRZ

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    JJ, Ya, got married last November. Are you leaving on Friday morning from KOA? What time do you think you will be back in town on Sunday? Maybe around 9pm? Homey - Good idea on keeping the bike with the plate. Its a little hard to get a good bike set up with a plate these days.
  14. DoubleDRZ

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    Damn, all this talk about riding Baja is making me itch. We called off the Lake Elsinore GP race. So now the weekend is open. Need to check in with the wife. How many do you have going on this run fo far? Homey, XR400 or did you go for the XR650?
  15. DoubleDRZ

    Shorter clutch leaver?

    Cutting the original is a less expensive fix. The lever is aluminum and easy to cut. Just make sure you round off the end with a file after you make the cut. I have done this to all my clutch and brake levers as I like them much shorter, not too mention it lowers the risk of bending when you dump the bike.