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  1. The vacuum petcocks leak, and will fill the cylinder. I had one that did not turn off, and a co-worker filled his cylinder with gas from his leaking petcock. You can fix the vacuum type (I did), but the permanent fix is to get the WR400 one.
  2. murgatroid42

    Bigger bolt on tool bag for 650l?

    I had the Wolfman tool bag on my XR650L for 3 years and 10k miles. It is very good, and well made. The red version faded a little, but I'm still using it on another bike. Since it comes off the velcro mounting pad easily, it is great for keeping a second set of tools for my bikes, and then moving it from one bike to another.
  3. murgatroid42

    Oh, the DRZ and the Love/Hate relationship!

    DRZ and a 2 stroke are different. So what? Get them both. I use my KLX400 as a dualsport, and a 200EXC for singletrack and harder dirt trails, or when I think I am going to drop the bike a lot. It is a LOT lighter and easier to pick up.
  4. murgatroid42

    I crashed

    Mark, get well soon. How did your back brace fitting go today? Do you know when you are leaving the hospital?
  5. murgatroid42

    DRZ400E or WR450 if money is no object?

    The bikes are different. If you want to ride mostly off-road, high speed Nevada desert, the WR is better. If you want to ride from Canada to Mexico and back, keep the DRZ. Any dualsport (or plated dirt bike) is a compromise. Get what is "best" for your riding. I am keeping my green DRZ-S, but also have a KTM 2 stroke for the trails. If money was no object, I would have a fleet of different bikes.
  6. murgatroid42

    Which KTM smoker is right for me?

    My 200EXC has at least as much power as my KLX400SR (green DRZ-S). With the lighter weight, it gets my attention. I actually adjusted the power valve down from the "Langston setting". With this setting, I was pulling wheelies in 2nd gear with a quarter throttle. Even with a gentler setting, the bike can both lug and rip. It is also much easier to pick up than the KLX, too, but it is not a true dualsport. That's why I have both bikes.
  7. I am an older rider with a larger dualsport, but I still am not confident on dirt or very rocky, loose trails. I bought a new-to-me 2001 KTM 200EXC because everything I read says it is the perfect single track bike. However, I'm having my doubts. I have a heavier FWW, the suspension is set a little soft after a hard-core enduro rider rode mine, and the power valve is set below the Langston setting so I don't get a big hit at the low end, and am running an MT-44 up front and an MT-18 rear. However... This weekend, I swapped bikes with some others. A friend with a KLX300 and I rode each other's bikes. I thought his KLX 300 was a great bike. The brakes were weak, the suspension seemed to clunk more, and did not have much high end power, but it was lower, had good low end torque, and was very easy to ride. I think I was faster on it than my 200EXC. My friend thought my bike had good brakes and a lot of power (yes, it does), but he didn't like the way the power came on quickly. Another friend has a DRZ400, and rode my bike. He thought my bike's suspension was too soft, it was very nervous, it got caught up in ruts, the front end did not stick, and the rear end broke loose. He did like the brakes, but basically hated the rest of the bike. He preferred his DRZ, which he said was better on rough trails because he set his to the hardest compression and rebound possible. (I thought that was NOT what one was supposed to do ) I didn't ride his, because I have a KLX400SR (same thing), and I don't have that much confidence in it as a gnarly dirt bike. So, I am confused. Everything I read says the KLX300 suspension is not very good, but it felt easier to ride than my KTM. Did I get the right bike? I would hate to sell my 200EXC after all the goodies I put into it (and made it street legal), but should I? What am I doing wrong?
  8. murgatroid42

    How many of you change your own tires?

    Well, I came close. I was changing a tire, and one of the irons got stuck between the bead and the rim. I pulled the iron towards me, it came out suddenly, then hit me directly on a front tooth. I thought I knocked the tooth right out of my mouth. After a dentist visit (that cost more than I saved with the last 6 tire changes), the tooth is slightly cracked but still there. I will still keep changing my own tires, anyway.
  9. murgatroid42

    looking for a new bike

    Most KTMs have a power valve that can change the "hit". When I first got my 200EXC, it would start out slowly, then vibrate a lot, then take off. It was kind of slow at lower RPMs. I looked up the "Langston setting" and adjusted my power valve to this, because I read it on the internet and it must be the best setting. Wrong. The bike would wheelie when I gave it 1/8 throttle, and even short shifting I could wheelie continually in 2nd gear at half throttle. I see what you mean, since the power was so abrupt that I could not cruise over rough areas, the bike would just take off. I then adjusted that powervalve to a more conservative setting, and now it will lug and pull the bike OK with lower throttle settings. If I really want to go, all I have to do is to twist the throttle; if I go slowly, I can cruise with it. An AA enduro rider rode my bike (OK, he rode it out of a tough spot I got myself into), and he complained that the bike didn't have the "snap". He thought the jetting was screwed up (it's not). For his skill level, he wanted that instantaneous pop, but for old fart me, I purposely set up my bike to be mild at lower speeds. To each their own, right? My 200 is just fine, I don't need anything larger.
  10. murgatroid42

    Bike flooded in a dangerous manner.

    Or get the $20 Yamaha petcock, like I did. Search for it on thumpertalk.
  11. murgatroid42

    considering selling the xr650l

    There are a lot of XR650L vs. DRZ400 threads in this forum, and in the XR forum. Do a search. The DRZ forum says to get the DRZ, and the XR forum says to get the XR. There are advantages and disadvantages to both bikes. I had an XR650L, and put 10k miles on it. I now have a KLX400SR (DRZ400S in the faster green color), and I'm glad I made the switch.
  12. murgatroid42

    606 tire pressure ?

    Yikes. I tend to run higher pressures on the street, and slightly more if I'm riding on the interstate or other high speeds. Here's my presures: Dirt: 18 front and rear, maybe lower if you don't ride on rocks and have rimlocks Around town: 26 front, 24 rear Highway: 30 front, 25 rear Riding agressively on pavement with low pressures (i.e., 18) make the tires wear very quickly and unevenly. Some even tear out knobs on them.
  13. murgatroid42

    01 KTM 200 2 stroke

    My 2001 200EXC leaked from the overflow. It was that needle valve. I cleaned the carb once, but it still leaked. The second time I replaced it with a $5 aftermarket part, and now it doesn't leak anymore. KTM wants over $20 for that needle, but parts for these carbs can be found almost anywhere, and usually cheaper. My $0.02.
  14. murgatroid42

    Longest Trips On Drz

    I rode over 2600 miles in 10 days, from Colorado to Canada and back on the Great Divide Route (aka Continental Divide Route). Rode almost all dirt up to Canada, then back to Colorado by pavement in 3 days. The bike will do 70 mph (indicated) almost indefinitely. I force-fed the bike about 6 oz. total of oil during the trip, even though it didn't use any on the way up. It revs a lot, but so what, just ignore it. I rode 400 miles during a day trip last month. The bike will do it, if your arse will take sitting on that seat for that long.
  15. murgatroid42

    Giving bike advice.

    Don't get caught in that trap, there's a reason why there are so many different types of bikes and models, and no agreement on which is "best". I liked all my bikes, but each was suited towards different riding styles, types of roads/dirt, and abilities. Saying one bike is best for everyone is like saying that one specific pair of shoes is best for everyone. Edit: OK, I saw the "JK" on your post. Sorry I missed the well-placed sarcasm, but maybe I've been reading too many pissing contests on which-bike-is-best.