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    2005 RMZ 450

    I was riding my bike the other day and it shut off when i pulled in the clutch. I got it to start but the kickstart was really stiff compared to normal compression. it started but it wasnt running as strong as normal and it would bog if i let off the gas. i held in the clutch again and it cut off on me. The kick start would not budge at all. i let it cool down and the kickstart would move but it was like the compression on it now was really lose. i pulled the oil filter off and noticed my stupid self had put the oil filter in backwards. but i had just changed the oil so it was only unfiltered for probably a hour or less. I took the cover off the topend to look at the valves and stuff but i didnt see any metal shavings. I have no clue how to work on 4 strokes only 2 strokes and i cant find a actual service manual for this bike. all i find is downloads online that i can barely read. Please give me your opinion on what you thinks wrong with the bike and where i can get a manual. it has good spark but i didnt see any gas on the sparkplug so do you think it might be just the carb needs cleaning. or do you think it might need the valves to be adjusted and the timing checked. i have no clue or should i just do all of the above. thank you! sorry about me grammer and spelling im lazy