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  1. casebeer

    My bike MADE oil?!

    The story goes: My oil change bolt was loose after an oil change and some oil leaked out. I tightened the bolt added some oil to make up the difference but I did not have enough ( never showed up on the stick ). Came back 2 days later to add the rest of the oil. When I checked the stick before adding any, there is way too much oil now ( an inch above the full mark on the stick ). I ran the bike for a few minutes to see if there was air in the system. When I checked again the level was the same but the oil was full of tiny bubbles. When I added the extra oil the first time, I used some oil I had left over from a previous oil change which was a different brand and weight I believe. Could using the different oil cause this? The drop temperature due to winter? Do I have a magic bike that creates oil instead of using it? Thanks in advance, Dave
  2. casebeer

    Gas in my oil?

    It is an S. Thanks for the help!
  3. casebeer

    Gas in my oil?

    I just got my bike started last night after it had been sitting for about 2 months. It started and ran fine, but, when I checked the oil level after the shakedown ride, the oil smelled like gasoline. What do I have to fix now? I had changed my oil right before I stored it 2 months ago.
  4. casebeer

    Trouble shifting (pic)

    You might need to change your fork oil.
  5. casebeer

    Looks like it was the rectifier/regulator.

    Should the light be on for all of the combinations when using the 12v light test?
  6. casebeer

    Looks like it was the rectifier/regulator.

    I think it was the red to Black read .8v the rest were 0's.
  7. I ran a full diagnosis on my charging system last night. only 12.3v at the battery @5000 Stator output 80-90w AC above 5000 only one reading in spec for the diode test on the rectifier Any suggestions where to get one? They have them on BikeBandet for $120. Is that the best buy I can expect? Thanks
  8. casebeer

    Running a dry chain

    Those guys are also not looking to get 10000 miles out of the chains and sprockets. The sand stuck to the lube would probably be worse than the metal-on-metal. Does Dakar have rules about using the same chain for the whole race?
  9. casebeer

    DRZ vs. LTZ (Engine)

    :lol:Sorry guys. No deception intended.
  10. casebeer

    DRZ vs. LTZ (Engine)

    I am looking into it because rickystator.com has a LTZ stator for $125 that claims to have 80w more power than the stock one. The prices I have seen for the OEM DRZ stators are around $300. Just trying to save some dough.
  11. casebeer

    DRZ vs. LTZ (Engine)

    Does the LTZ 400 ATV use the same motor as the DRZ 400? If so, can I use the stator for the LTZ in my DRZ? Thanks
  12. casebeer

    Charging System Malfunction? Maybe? (Updated)

    Here is the gizmo I am using: 5-Function Digital Meter
  13. casebeer

    Charging System Malfunction? Maybe? (Updated)

    Well I had to drive the car to work today What fun is that? I did not get a chance to start is last night after the battery charge. I will have to check it tonight.
  14. casebeer

    Charging System Malfunction? Maybe? (Updated)

    Well, I have definite proof that there is a problem with the charging system...it died about 2 miles from home tonight. I have it on the charger right now so that I can start it and try to figure out which part is bad. Is there anything other than the stator and voltage regulator that I should check? Also where is the best place to get the parts online? Thanks.
  15. casebeer

    Charging System Malfunction? Maybe? (Updated)

    I plugged my real multimeter into the battery tender plug, which is hooked directly to the battery, and it read 12.4v at idle and the 5-in-1 was reading 11.4v.