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  1. The only motor that will fit is a 2018. They had a frame redesign in 2018 and different motor mount locations in 2019 with a different engine cylinder slant angle which uses a different exhaust I do believe. Do quote me on that though.
  2. Go.Yamaha

    Help with date of build

    Just ran the vin through Yamaha dealers site and it doesn't come back to a valid vin. Most times when dealers restamp a replacement frame they will asterisk the frame just like that one. At least that's what our dealer does.
  3. Go.Yamaha

    gytr valve spring help!!!

    I know for the 2019 yz250F GYTR head, they use oem springs.
  4. Go.Yamaha

    2018/19 yz450f oversized tank

  5. Go.Yamaha

    2018/19 yz450f oversized tank

    Post up a pic when your done with it. I did it on the 250F. Curious what it will look like on the 450. Same frame and plastics so I guess it will look identical to what I have but I like seeing bikes.
  6. Go.Yamaha

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    I'm a Yamaha tech and never herd of this. My 19 ive been riding very slow just putting around for over an hour ride time (knee surgery) and never had an issue. My bike does puff a bit on start up but it goes away once warmed up and doesn't come back that day. The bikes should not have issues idling around and not being ridden hard. I would check your compression to see if the rings are sealing and I would look at your fuel quality. Could be bad fuel.
  7. Go.Yamaha

    2018/19 yz450f oversized tank

    Stock 450fx 2019 is 2.2 and is a direct bolt up. Fit and finish is perfect and no complaints from me. I have it on my 250F but only ridden on it once or twice.
  8. Go.Yamaha

    Looking to buy fmf 4.1 rct for 2017 yz250f

    Looks just like this. Will post a pic when I get home on Fri.
  9. Go.Yamaha

    Looking to buy fmf 4.1 rct for 2017 yz250f

    I have a brand new FMF RCT factory that will fit. Just the slip on though. Let me know if your interested and ill get you a price on it.
  10. Go.Yamaha

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    Dirt Tricks. They area a bit pricey but they offer a one or two year warranty where if you can wear it out half way then they will replace it. They claim 12 front sprockets and chains and it is still over half way. I just bought one to try out. They are absolutely sweet looking.
  11. Go.Yamaha

    2018 yz450f kickstart

  12. Go.Yamaha

    2019 Yamaha YZ250F Reviews?

    I love my bike in very tight situations. I switched to engine ice and never have had an issue yet. Thing is amazing in the tight, rocky, hilly areas. Not sure on the European enduro part but I absolutely love my bike.
  13. Go.Yamaha

    2018 yz450f kickstart

    Are you using the enrichner by chance?
  14. I have been thoroughly happy with the GYTR High Comp piston. Have gotten exactly what GYTR recommends for replacement intervals with no issues. 20 hours on the dot and it comes apart if not just before and it looks fantastic still.