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  1. FGR01

    STIC metering block?

    Had? If it was so good why don't you still have it? Just curious.
  2. Especially on a 250. Most riders spend the majority of their time rolling around 1/8 to 1/2 throttle. Even some fast guys as they carry momentum better and don't need to ride with a heavy right hand. This is why I always tell people not to rely on WOT plug chops so much for jetting and to concentrate more on getting their needle and pilot right since that is where they spend most of their time. But trying to get people to accept and admit this is usually a losing proposition, as you said, due to ego. Their response, "you might be slow but I am frickin wide open Bro!!" OK......
  3. How does back pressure reach or affect the carburetor when there is a reed valve between the engine and carburetor that closes instantly under any back pressure? I ask this just as a matter of understanding theory, not to question your product. Your product's results have already been proven to be impressive.
  4. FGR01

    Home made YZ250 expansion chamber

    Very Nice ! Did you pressure test the pipe? Does 2-stroke spooge seep from any of the welds?
  5. Hope someone can help here. Have a 2005 CRF250R torn apart. Right case half needed to be replaced. Ordered a new case half from Honda. The new case half does not have 2 bolt holes for the "Oil Guide Plate" that leads to the trans breather hose. It has one bolt hole and the 2nd one is obviously machined off. I looked at the parts diagrams for all years 2005-2009 and they all show the oil guide plate with 2 bolts. Trying to figure out why this case is different. Can someone explain or have any experience with this? Here's the old and new case.
  6. FGR01

    Clutch cable adjustment?

    Your plates are shot. When the plates wear they get thinner and you lose play at the lever. If the plates get thin enough, backing off all adjusters will still not be able to get you the required amount of freeplay. Normally this takes years but you managed to do it in 1 ride.
  7. FGR01

    2002 yz 125 motor

    No, it will definitely not work without modifications. For starters: www.thumpertalk.com/topic/950206-04-yz125-frame-swap-issues/ www.thumpertalk.com/topic/643856-yz125-engine-swap/
  8. FGR01

    Stuck Swingarm Pivot Bolt? Read On...

    Even if the other end could be turned it would not help remove a seized pivot shaft. The shaft is seized to the collars that ride inside the bearings. If you turned the shaft the collars would just spin inside the bearings. Nothing would break free. Only a pushing or pulling force will break it free, not spinning.
  9. FGR01

    '15 250 Gearing

    If it is truly 13/52, the tranny ratios must be different. If you had 13/52 on the 2014 and earlier bikes you'd be riding all MX tracks in 4th and 5th gear everywhwere.
  10. FGR01

    2015 YZ250 Seat

    The bolts have been 10mm heads forever.
  11. FGR01

    Split Stream Filters Suck!

    Have mine in my 2012 for over 2 years now. Have never removed or cleaned it. Looking at mine, I have no idea how yours fell in. Maybe strap a board to its ass? just kidding But seriously, mine fits pretty snug. If I had to complain about it at all, I wish there was a way for it to vent better so the fuel would fill faster. The gas flows through the filter just fine but the air cannot escape up past the filter fast enough and this is what slows it down.
  12. FGR01

    2015 260mm brake on older models

    EDIT: Sorry, quoted Eddie instead of DEGBTI. I just spelled out the safety concern above. It's not about the clearance of the rotor. Just because something bolts up and clears does not mean it's a good or safe thing to do. It's about the fact that you would not get the correct pad alignment on the braking surface of the rotor potentially resulting in decreased braking surface and/or having the pads braking further inboard on the rotor on an area that was not intended to be part of the braking surface. I'm not saying people won't run it and it won't stop the bike. I'm saying it won't be ideal and could potentially lead to problems.
  13. FGR01

    2015 260mm brake on older models

    How do you figure that having less braking surface (you're not using the outer 5mm of the disc) and having the pads contact a further inboard portion of the rotor that was not intended to be a braking surface does not pose a potential safety concern?
  14. I'm thinking you have the cam timing off.