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    Off Idle bogg

    Blownnalky:..... Mine did the same... there's loads of threads on this site about it. JD jetting kit (as sold in the Thumpertalk 'shop') that's what you want. Sorts it all out no problem! Order one today!
  2. dehorn83

    JD Jetting kits

    Yes I'm a regular on the rides list. Just sold my WR426 to Bob Rawlins, and although this CRF250 belongs to my bro' I'm going to borrow it and join one of Bob's 'plains thrashes' (in return for having sorted out this jetting malarky) Where did you get your flatland rad supports from? Are they good? Will
  3. dehorn83

    JD Jetting kits

    Well, due to work commitments... won't have time for much riding for a couple of weeks, but then hoping to go for a blast on the Wiltshire plains!!! Here in good old England. Does make you wonder what Honda are thinking....when such a relatively simple mod, can solve an annoying problem with a brilliant bike? Anyway... thanks again for all the advice, and I have no doubt that there'll be more questions in the future!! Will
  4. dehorn83

    changing needle on an X

    Have just changed mine... when installing a JD jetting kit. Just take the tank off, and the head steady bracket off to make access a doddle, and the carb rotates easier with that bracket off too. As previous post said... changing the needle is easy compared with jet changes... Just take your time, and once you've done it a couple of times, you'll do it with your eyes shut. Will
  5. dehorn83

    JD Jetting kits

    Here in the UK. Just fitted JD jetting kit to a CRF250X, and it has instantly solved the dead spot from which the bike previously suffered. Brilliant. Ordered the kit on line from the Thumpertalk shop, and it arrived in Rural Derbyshire about 5 days later.... What a brilliant service. Instructions in the kit were spot on, and very comprehensive. Quite expensive I suppose for a few jets and a couple of needles... but it's solved the problem with the minimum hassle, so i suppose that's what you're paying for. Great service! Will