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  1. johnniel1

    DR200 with TM33

    Hey Rhyno, Unfortunately my project is temporarily on hold. I got it all back together with the new top end and and have zero compression. I prolly should have checked that before I put the engine back in the bike, but I have done several bikes and never had the issue. So, stuck ring or valve maybe?..I don't know, but I was so disgusted I set it off to the side because I have other things I have to do before the summer is gone. I will post when it is up and running though. As far as your carb goes, you can re-build the pumper. I assume you mean the pumper nozzle is missing. The one below will work with slight modification. It is a little shorter, so you will need to file the seat back a little, just under the o-ring groove. (There is a tiny little o-ring on it.) The nozzle just pushes into place. Here are the links for all of the pumper parts in the carb. Nozzle: http://www.nichecycle.com/ncs/categories/carburetor/replacement-parts/tm29-24-pump-nozzle-35-for-tm33-by-mikuni.html Nozzle o-ring: http://www.nichecycle.com/ncs/categories/carburetor/mikuni-parts-by-category/accelerator-pump/n124-063-o-ring-a-p-nozzle-by-mikuni.html Rod: https://www.partzilla.com/product/suzuki/13487-14A00?ref=6dc2fae835e907103b805808662a4de8361d6a5b Plunger: https://www.partzilla.com/product/suzuki/13493-27A00?ref=6dc2fae835e907103b805808662a4de8361d6a5b Spring: https://www.partzilla.com/product/suzuki/13271-09400?ref=6dc2fae835e907103b805808662a4de8361d6a5b 1986 DR200 Carb Diagram: https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/suzuki/motorcycle/1986/dr200/carburetor
  2. He mentions that the needle jet was "the largest size available" and I called Mikuni America (818) 885-1242 and they confirmed that a Q2 needle jet was in fact the largest (or richest) for the TM33. So here is what I pulled from this post and plan on doing. 142.5 Main jet 45 Pilot jet 1.0 Main air jet 1.3 Pilot air jet Q2 Needle jet Stock jet needle (3rd clip from top) Fuel screw 1-1/2 Turns out. I'm at 200' above sea level. The parts just came in today. All I need now is time! I will let you know in a few weeks how it runs.
  3. johnniel1

    DR200 with TM33

    Yes, I have the stock push-pull and I am trying to keep it as close to stock as possible. The TM33- 8012 is the closest I can find. You can get it with the throttle set up both ways. The set up you have is less money. Here is the one that you would want: https://www.ebay.com/itm/MIKUNI-TM-FLAT-SLIDE-CARBURETOR-33MM-TM33-8012-MC-Suzuki/312008123461?epid=171255303&hash=item48a5222445:g:YH4AAOSwAC1aFHlD
  4. johnniel1

    DR200 with TM33

    Hey All, I am in the midst of restoring a 1986 DR200. The carb is shot so I picked up a new TM33, after surfing the web and seeing that this is what others have gone to. The original TM28-1 or TM28SS are no longer available, and I want to stick with a pumper carb that will be a direct fit without modifying the intake or airbox flanges. Would anyone know how to jet this for a DR200?
  5. Hey Jon, I am restoring a 1986 DR200 and the carb is shot, so I would like to fit it with a new TM33 and jet it the way that you did here. I see the final jetting was: 142.5 main jet 45 pilot jet 1.3 air jet And largest needle jet? Would this be a Q2? I am not exactly sure the range of needle jets for a TM33, but the website below lists them as P4,P6,P8,Q0,Q2. I am assuming Q2 is the largest. Is this what you used? https://www.mikunioz.com/shop/mikuni-640-series-needle-jets/ Thanks!