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  1. AussieWR

    YZ/WR Conrod Specs

    Thanx Birdy426 ,Hopefully that means both should be the same dimensions
  2. AussieWR

    YZ/WR Conrod Specs

    Hey all ... I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction . I am trying to find out if the conrod from a 04WR 250F & 04 YZ 250F are the same as each other ... I need to know this because I have bought a HotRods kit but did'nt realize that I'd bought a crank thats for a YZ250F , And now I need to find out if I can fit the HotRods conrod into my OEM crank , I have emailed HotRods and asked but they too arnt sure and told me to measure both conrods ... ie "The info you need is the end bores and widths of both ends of the rod, then also check the crank pin length and outer diam. " Any help would be much appreciated ...Cheers
  3. AussieWR

    quick question

    27mm from memory
  4. AussieWR

    Creased radiator hose

    Prob find you have a out of shape radiator and it could cause your bike to over heat ... Pull rads out and straighten them its easy to do but If you do do it do it really slowwwwww ... Make a jig on your work bench and push them back into alignment
  5. AussieWR

    yz250f top end

    Pipe will make a huge difference , I have a 04 (had it from new ) I have a Leo Vince X3 titanium pipe and header along with JD jets it and a 300 kit with a rekluze auto clutch its goes fine ... But first of all pipe the bike and open the air box with the right jets and you will noticed a world of difference ...
  6. AussieWR

    Wr 250/300 F

    Hey all I have an 04 250F .I have recently purchased a 300 kit for the bike (waiting on its arrival) I have a Leo Vince Titanium full pipe ...My question is " Is there anyone else on TT who has done a 300 mod "to there lil 2fiddy ,And how much difference is it ? Other mods are ,Rekluze auto clutch with rear brake on the bars Talon wheels (Black takasago rims Gold hubs) GYTR top and bottom Tripple clamps (Gold), Braking wave over size rotor Braking rear wave , Trailtech Vapor , B&B bash plate B&B frame gaurds . UFO plastics ( all Black tank side covers front and read gaurds ) Scotts - Steering Stabilizer ,Pre Pel rear sprocket, DiD 520 gold chain ... ASV F5 front lever ...
  7. AussieWR

    WR450 side case

    Hey all I am looking for an engine case for a WR450 03 model right hand side (rear brake side) ...Does any one know where I could get my hands on one ? ( Not for stolen bike ,Engine case plus water pump housing damaged in a big off )
  8. AussieWR

    96 TT Belgarda

    My friend has a 96 TT Belgarda and want to know if there is a full service manual about online for it .pdf would be great if anyone knows ...
  9. AussieWR

    Victoria, Australia

    check out www.dirtblokes.com.au or www.dirtbikeworld.net Regards HayWire
  10. AussieWR

    Why do people hate Reed?

    I do not care if you think im not Australian and as far as I care this post is now a non event its just a stupid post by a person with not much intelligence and no real opinion or idea what he's on about ... Fu<kin Dumb <unt
  11. AussieWR

    Why do people hate Reed?

    Ok so now I will pm you each time I need permission to post a reply fu<kwit
  12. AussieWR

    Why do people hate Reed?

    And how many Australian's have you met in your life time ? I bet none , Jesus I could say the same thing about americans but I wouldnt lower my self to be ignorant like you seem to be ! Grow Up ! by the way can you ride a quarter as good as he can on a bad day ? I doubt it very much ... Sounds to me like your the whinger ...
  13. AussieWR

    Tm 400

    I was wondering if any other TM owners have had a cam chain mod done using parts from Yamaha WR's ? ie Cam chain guides and cam chain auto adjuster ... I have a friend who owns a TM Husky Vor dealership who does these mods to TM's ,He has been doing this mod for a few years and has found that the cam chain guides hold up alot better than the standard TM stockers and there is less debree in the oil and less engine noise ...Not one of the bikes he;s modded has come back due to cam chain failure ...
  14. AussieWR

    TM 400 oil problem

    Yes TM as in TMracing Brand Not Suzuki TM 400 widow maker ...