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  1. Red_450

    Canadian Enduro Championship- Apex Mtn Resort

    Trav... That style of race that we held at Apex no longer exists. The promoter gave up on it and went to a cross country style of event with races being held back East and events in the West. I think it got really hard to find clubs that wanted to take on all of that work and also the travel across Canada for the racers was an issue.
  2. Red_450

    Blown inner clutch cover gasket

    You can now buy the updated gasket from any KTM dealer. Just make sure that when you get it you can see the thin layer of aluminum that is sandwiched between the two gasket surfaces. This tells you that you have the newest gasket.
  3. Red_450

    ORV act passed in BC

    I spoke with my dealer today and he had a couple of interesting points that I thought I would share. He tells me that the tax for unregistered bikes will only go back to 2010, after that the govt. will not be looking for money just the fee for the new plate. He also said that all machines will require official registration papers, if you've got them from the dealer your set, if you can get them from the previous owner that you bought the bike from also no problem. If you don't have official papers and you can't get them you will have to go to a lawyer or a notary public and swear out an affidavid that will create the new official papers. The idea being that every bike or quad in the province will have official paper work when this is all done. I have no idea what the cost of getting this done might be. If anyone manages to get a plate without original paperwork from a dealer let us know how you did it. He also had a good point, he knows that people without paperwork might know where their bike was originally bought and they will be showing up wanting the dealer to hunt down the bill of sale. Should they be spending all this time looking for paperwork for a 1996 XR 400 for someone that've never seen before for nothing, or should they be charging for their time?
  4. Red_450

    Drowned my TE250 in a creek

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGLXV8oVFvs It took four oil changes to get all of the moisture out off the engine. I got the bike started after it's bath and rode it hard all day with the water in the engine and there was no problems with it for the next 130 hrs.
  5. Red_450

    I want to go riding with this guy

    Paul could you image this guy down in Twenty Mile Creek and the bike not starting. It would be the Youtube video of the year.
  6. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1071031-funny-free-ride-250-vid/ If this guy will come to Southern B.C. I'll guide him anywhere he wants to go.
  7. Red_450


    I want to go riding with this guy.
  8. Red_450

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    There is some misunderstanding here about carbide chain. I'm not talking about fire rescue chain that you would use to cut a hole in a tar and gravel roof of some warehouse thats on fire, I'm talking about high speed carbide chain made by Stihl for regular chainsaw applications. This chain can be sharpened with a diamond impregnated bit that fits in a Dremel tool, the last one I bought cost me $20. Check out this Stihl link about their product. Make sure you watch the video about the cement and sand filled logs. For the guys who are dealing with hardwoods this might be of some help. When this chain is brand new it cuts just slightly slower than a normal quality chain but like I said I got a complete year of trail cutting out of my last one without having to sharpen it by just being very carefull to keep it out of the rocks. http://www.stihl.com/the-Rapid-Duro-3-carbide-tipped-saw-chain.aspx
  9. Red_450

    Trail chainsaw opinions

    I cut and maintain alot of trail in Southern British Columbia and here are a few observations I've come up with over 30 plus years of packing a saw on a bike. If you don't do much cutting and old pack sack is fine for packing a saw. It will bounce around and hit you in the back and it puts your center of gravity higher than you like it to be but it gets the job done. If you want to be comfortable and make good time over long trail systems mounting the saw to the bike is the way to go. The front forks work good and is really cheap to get set up with a carrier, the draw back is it affects your front end and how the bike handles because of the weight right where you don't want it. I have found that a rear rack like the kind sold by ProMotoBillet is the way to go. You can put a saw back there and ride hard for long distances without it taking the fun out of the ride. I can jump waterbars on logging roads and it feels normal. If there is a better way I'd like to hear about it as I'd give it a try. The ProMotoBillet system is really nice but it is expensive but I guess you really do get what you pay for. There system of a bar scabbard I found couldn't take day to day use as it is made of plastic and quite quickly fell apart. The other thing I didn't like is it allowed the saw to move around too much so I modified it with an aluminum insert that has worked really well. As far as saws go I've had really good luck with the top handled Stills. I like a top handle because it allows you to cut with one hand and hold or throw with the other, this type of cutting can be dangerous so you shouldn't do it unless your completely comfortable with the operation of your saw and also abit crazy. I ran 09L Stihls for years but they don't make that model anymore, it was a really nice 42cc saw that cut like hell. If you ever see one for sale and the price is right you should grab it. Last year I switched to the MS 201 T. This is Stihl's professional arbourists saw,what a nice saw to cut with. Lots of power, antivibration, starts easily everytime but it is expensive, about $600 in Canada. I've noticed that nobody has spoken about carbide chain. I love the stuff. I cut the whole year without touching up the chain once, it is great to not carry a file and not have dull chain issues at all. I'm down to just packing chain oil and a bar wrench and ten inches of fuel line. When the saw goes dry I pull the fuel line off the twostroke slip the little hunk of fuel line on the tank and fill the saw up, takes no time at all. I've included a link that shows some of the saw racks. To the other Trail Builders out there, keep up the good work, you guys are the backbone of this sport. http://red450.smugmug.com/Other/Chain-Saw-Rack
  10. Red_450

    Looking for some assistance from the Canada folks

    I checked the Yamaha Canada dealer website today and this bike is in the system and parts are still available. If you end up needing something it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Red_450

    Looking for some assistance from the Canada folks

    What are you looking for, shop manual or parts. Let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  12. Both the 2014 300 Sixdays and the 300 XC come with the C4 forks. Does anybody know if the valving specs on these two forks is the same? I've looked everywhere I can think of on the net and can't find any info. Thanks.
  13. Red_450

    What Have You Done To Your KTM Today?

    Avocasingletrack... You know not to put the stock gasket back in there don't you? That happened to me twice before I went with the Cometic gasket.
  14. Red_450

    Rear tire Suggestions for 300xc?

    It fits on my stock 2011 XC rim just fine.
  15. Red_450

    2014 6 day editions available in US?

    Six Days models are available in North America. This is what dealers in Canada received this week. Sales Bulletin SB1419 6 Days Order Program KTM North America is pleased to announce the 2014 Six Days models 300-XC-W and 350 XCF-W. Availability of special Six Days models while supplies last. The Canadian dealers are being given until October 18th to place their orders. The number of units available to dealers will be very limited. I think that there is a Poptart bet that now needs to be paid!!!