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  1. Arak-Nafein

    Big bada boom

    Sorry folks. I've been really busy at work pulling 60 hour weeks. Between that and the heat (South Georgia) I just haven't had the energy to get out there & work on it the past few weeks. I noticed tons of coolant in the oil when I drained it. As well as a few small (tic-tac sized) chunks of metal. Less oil came out than what I was expecting. I did not measure the amount. I got the carb off and everything else unhooked, the only thing left are the motor mounts, but that one that one in the back did not want to come out(Swingarm). I fought with it for a while before giving up & haven't been back to try again yet. Side note: I was sitting at a red light(in my car) on Monday & got hit by a semi, so the bike is not my priority at the moment. If I can get the motor out I'll bring it inside & work on it in the living room.
  2. Arak-Nafein

    Big bada boom

    It's a 2007. I'm not sure the mileage. If what the previous owner said is true it should be around 18000-19000 miles now. I don't know what previous repairs have been made.
  3. Arak-Nafein

    Big bada boom

    So it happened. Riding down the road the motor let go. Sounded like a lawnmower on gravel. Dead. Temps were normal & it didn't make any unusual sounds or vibrations until the boom. I was probably around 7K RPM. Nothing happened, I grabbed the clutch & coasted off the road safely to a stop. I parked it & haven't looked at it yet. No new inspection holes, that I can see. So that's good news, maybe the case is okay. I've been wanting to upgrade, now I have an excuse? Taking bets now. Top? Bottom? Primary nut? (It's all coming out)No leaks. About 2,000 miles ago I replaced the cam chain. While I was in there I reshimmed the valves. The cam journals were okay but not good. I torqued the primary nut to spec & used red loctite, but maybe I flubbed something up(I'm a newbie). So, I gotta get this thing out of the bike & pull it apart so I can rebuild with go fast bits. Does anybody have any advice for a newbie? What special tools am I going to need?(EDIT, I found the tool FAQ) I've never been inside the bottom-end of a motor myself but I've seen several & I am familiar with all the components, their purpose, & where they go. I have always been a tinkerer & It seems simple enough, but this will be my first time and I want to do it right. I already have a couple of manuals that I've skimmed over.
  4. Arak-Nafein

    Starting woes

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble starting my bike. 07 SM. So, in the past, starting has been intermittent. Sometimes I can bump it a few times and it'll start right up....sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes, it starts just fine like nothing's wrong. Sometimes, nothing I do will get it to turn over. I've spent 30 minutes in a parking lot on more than one occasion trying to push start it. Sometimes it will eventually start, sometimes not. I have a brand new Bikemasters TruGel battery in there. Brand new Ricky Stator stator. I was trying to go through the Charging system diagnoses FAQ but I can't start the bike, so I can't check everything(Like voltage when idling or revved) what should I do? Jumping the bike off is not working and since it's apart push starting isn't an option. When I say it's not starting here's what I mean: No clicking, no attempting to turn over. The lights go out like they should but I'm getting nothing beyond that. Voltage when the key is off is 12.8, voltage when key is on is 12.1. Can anyone point me in a general direction so I don't shoot this bike? Sounds like a bad connection or a bad starter? I don't know how to verify either. I've gone over all the connectors and made sure they were properly seated and nothing was melted.
  5. Arak-Nafein

    Stupid JIS type S screws

    Haha! I think my problem is that they were already so worn down by the previous owner that by the time I got to them there was no hope, even with the proper bit & impact driver. I ended up using both an easy out and a punch to get them out. I see what you're saying about the size. In your opinion, does this hold true for hex head machine screws? Surely a hex head would hold up to the required torque without rounding the head? I don't know why they wouldn't use hex heads to begin with? All the other fasteners on all the other covers are hex head?
  6. Arak-Nafein

    Stupid JIS type S screws

    Hey, I've screwed up the 3 screws that go on the small cover that goes over the starter. Yes, I ordered those stupid JIS #3 bit, and I ordered an impact driver.....still didn't help. The screwheads are FUBAR'd. The bits and the impact driver are laying somewhere in the yard now. What are my options now? And, can I replace these with some non-stupid screws?
  7. Arak-Nafein

    mrd ssw?

    Is there any way to get that performance without the decibel level? I'm not exactly comfortable broadcasting my location to everyone within 10 miles.
  8. Arak-Nafein

    Argh, clutch woes.

    Thanks, you're always the first to answer my stupid questions, lol. I'll go over it again tomorrow. Maybe I'm just tired & missed something. *EDIT* I think I know what it is. I bet I put the larger ID plate to the outside. I'll verify tomorrow.
  9. Arak-Nafein

    Argh, clutch woes.

    So I had the right side cover off replacing a cam chain today. I got everything buttoned back up but the clutch is all loosey goosey now. I'm not sure what I did wrong? I took it all back apart and reassembled 3 times and still the same thing. It's like there's no spring pressure. I've checked, double checked, and now triple checked and I gotta be missing something obvious. The little mechanism(clutch release arm?) on the left side of the bike where the clutch cable goes seems like it has no tension on it. Any ideas on what to look for? I'm a noob so I've been following the Suzuki shop manual & the Clymer manuals. I've had all this apart once before and reassembled no problem. I'm stumped. The adjustments on the handlebars near the clutch lever haven't been touched. Nor has the aforementioned mechanism. Just the stuff under the right side cover. Right now it's: Spacer/bushing thing, driven gear assy, the washer, hub sleeve, then all the plates & the lockwasher & nut. Then I slide the pushrod in with the piece on the end of it, then the pressure plate on top of that. Is that correct?
  10. Arak-Nafein

    Left side cover gasket

    Is the gasket for the left side cover the paper-type gasket like it is on the right side cover? I haven't taken it off yet and I need to know if it's a reusable rubber type gasket or the paper type. *EDIT* I think I found my answer. In the Stator & Starter clutch loctite thread it mentions a metal core gasket. Is that the same gasket I'm referring to?
  11. Arak-Nafein

    Help Identify these cams?

    Thanks much.
  12. Arak-Nafein

    Help Identify these cams?

    Hey guys! Newbie here again to annoy you fellas with my noobiness. I got some time today to take the valve cover off. The history of the bike is unknown, so I'd like to identify these cams. I'm guessing they are stock S/SM cams, but I wanna be sure! http://i.imgur.com/kvArpxt.jpg http://i.imgur.com/5ZFK8S7.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DeCNgbF.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9dWebnC.jpg
  13. Arak-Nafein

    Electrical gremlins

    Yeah, actually nevermind. I just realized I'll probably cure whatever it is when I go through the bikes wiring & connections & replace the battery. Thanks for the quick reply! How can I delete this thread?
  14. Arak-Nafein

    Electrical gremlins

    I'm having an electrical gremlin. 2007 DRZ400SM Symptoms: Trouble starting the bike, will not turn over(Headlight still works). This is intermittent. Sometimes it starts just fine. Definitely electrical related as when it's not working I can try a couple of push starts and it'll either start that way or the ignition button will magically start working. Once started, the headlight/taillight will intermittently dim. More noticeable on high beam. I haven't checked anything yet. I'm waiting on some new parts at the moment and will check the connections when I have the bike apart putting on the new parts. (Taillight, blinkers, etc. Not related to my electrical issues) History of the bike is unknown, the previous owner put a combo taillight/blinker lightbar that sucks pretty bad so I'm changing all that out. Also has a Trailtech Vapor, which I'm sure is wired poorly. (This will be rectified when I get to that area) What do you think? Battery? Bad connection? Starter? Ground? Got any suggestions for when I finally get around to checking the issue out?
  15. Arak-Nafein

    Handguard sizing question

    I don't know what handlebars are on my bike, since I bought it used. My bars are 1 1/8" diameter in the middle section near the clamp, and taper off to a 7/8" diameter on the outsides where the controls are. What size handguards do I need, 7/8" or 1 1/8"? I don't know what the measurement for the handgards is referring to (middle diameter or outer diameter) Sorry if this has been covered. I'm new and I did do a search but I couldn't find anything that specifically said which dimension the handguards go by.