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  1. mike6.0

    noise from right side of engine?

    guess I'll be pulling case this weekend thanks for the update.
  2. mike6.0

    noise from right side of engine?

    If it is normal then what has worn to make that noise since its only been there for 3k miles? Normal for suzuki none of my hondas make those noises.
  3. mike6.0

    New DRZ400sm owner... Some questions

    I have the michelin you speak of ok off road its the small front wheel that will catch you out with that big front brake as mentioned above. Avoid the mud and steep hills. You will either become a better rider off road or you will destroy your bike. Good luck. Second set of wheels is a great idea, however a bike you don't care about is better(scratching). I ride xr400 off road mostly but the go button sure is nice on the drz.
  4. mike6.0

    noise from right side of engine?

    Have seen other posts of noise no diagnosis yet?
  5. mike6.0

    noise from right side of engine?

    michaelks, sounds like video not quite as bad yet. have not done loctite fixes yet will be checking soon.
  6. When bike is on side stand no noise is heard. When stood up straight rotational noise is present. 6200mi on bike. oil change performed every 2k or beginning or season. Have been practicing wheelies. Bike is an 05 drz-400sm. Thanks in advance for your help.