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  1. Colorado

    where is the extra weight???

    Are you aware of the games manufacturers play with "dry weight" measurements? It doesn't just mean the tank is empty. "Dry weight" means ALL liquids are removed, like brake fluid, shock hydraulic fluid, battery fluid, water and oil - in addition to gas, of course. Heck, they probably bake the bike for 24 hours to make sure it is completely "dry." I'm pretty sure the WRR is about 295 with all fluids and half a tank of gas. I vaguely remember that someone on TT weighed their new WRR on a calibrated postal scale and posted the picture.
  2. Colorado

    WRF250X/R needed for a bigbore kit

    I like the sound of this bigbore kit!
  3. Colorado

    WRF250X/R needed for a bigbore kit

    Can you give us some details on what you expect the big bore kit will include? Piston & rings - check Gaskets - check Sleeve - check No new con rod or valves or springs? Any head work? Any throttle body/injector work? Anything else?
  4. Sounds good vwsandman and please count me IN. And thanks to you Shewolf for the explanation.
  5. I'm not sure what's going on any more. Do we need a custom machined part to fit with/into the Acerbis parts? Do any of the parts found by yamahawk125 work? Is there some combination of off-the-shelf and custom-made parts we need to get? Bottom Line: I'd like to fit this on my WR250R, so if that means I need a custom part let me know and I'll PayPal you some dough. And please can someone just list the Acerbis parts I need to order?
  6. Colorado

    WR250R Colorado questions......

    We're spending the winter in AZ but when we get back I'll do that ride with you. A good beginner DS ride starts around Deckers, goes to Cheesman Res. and all the way through the Hayman fire area. You come out at Tarryall Road, then take La Sal Pass and catch Boreas Pass to Breckenridge for lunch. From there you can come back via Georgia Pass (I haven't done the North side yet) which brings you back to Jefferson and the Tarryall Road.
  7. Colorado

    WR250R Colorado questions......

    Going to Cripple Creek from COS? You ever done the ride starting on Old Stage Road to Gold Camp Road to Victor, then Shelf Road to Canon City and back through Phantom Canyon, Gold Camp and Old Stage? Ride all day and barely hit 20 miles of tarmac. The WRR is perfect for that.
  8. Colorado

    WR250R Colorado questions......

    The WRR will do 60 - 65 in the Rockies no sweat. I'm 205# and when going up some of the steeper hills (like Crow Hill outside of Bailey) I have to down shift to 5th. Even in 5th, the engine isn't revving too high at those speeds and I have enough juice to pass slower traffic.
  9. Here's a link (hope it works) to a very fair and well-balanced comparo. http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/quarterliter-supermoto-shootout-87985.html Besides the comparo, there was an extremely cool group of other riders encountered at the 0.75 mile go kart track they went to for track riding. If you haven't added "Motorcycle Online" to your "Favorites" folder, be sure to do so and visit often. They have really good articles and some of the writers are as good as any you've read in print. Online sites like MO and TT deserve our support
  10. Colorado

    Tail Bag Mod

    If I remember correctly, you remove the helmet lock, the rack bolts to the frame where the helmet lock was mounted, then (if you want) the helmet lock is bolted to the rack.
  11. Colorado

    WR250R/X Prices Paid

    This isn't mine, and there's no affiliation to me. I just ran across this eBay ad for a new WR250R at an MC dealer in Florence Colorado (near Colo. Springs) for $4,899. It is eBay item no. 250372944411.
  12. Colorado

    Zeta gas cap for WR250 R/X

    I'd expect it does need a vent tube with a one-way valve. How else would the tank maintain pressure for the fuel injection system?
  13. Colorado

    WR250R vs. DRZ400

    I had a 2006 DRZ-E, the last of the more powerful DRZs. Compared to the DRZ-S, it was lighter, had higher compression, higher revving ECU, more aggressive cams, less restrictive exhaust, flat-slide carb, etc. I had the suspension set up for my weight (205#), carb adjusted for Colorado riding and mods to make it street legal. I traded it for the WR250R and never looked back. The DRZ revs quicker and makes a bit more power, but the 5-speed close-ratio transmission runs through the gears too quickly and the engine is screaming at 65 - 70 mph. You can change sprockets but then you lose the bottom end. There are no such compromises with the WRR. If you are in fact a dual sport rider, you'll prefer the WRR. My 2 cents, Larry
  14. Colorado

    Tail Bag Mod

    DNFDoug, please PM me the dealer/contact for that cool tank/tail bag. That thing looks great and is way more versatile than what I'm using. (Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, the American Tourister tail bag that I use was put to the test on a long, rainy ride. It iis NOT waterproof at all, not the slightest bit.)
  15. Colorado

    Second Oil Change

    Great info and advice guys. I might spring for an oil analysis just for grins, given how inexpensive they are. The bike doesn't use any oil and runs great. The fine bits I saw today are so tiny that maybe the filter just can't catch them.