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  1. I have a 2003 yz 450 that used to start on the first or second kick . Now it won't start hot or cold very easily. I have to kick it for about ten minutes. If I get tired of kicking I push start with a friend. Once it is running it runs great. I need help!!!!!!!!!!
  2. motolawson

    DRZ110 AirBox mods

    I drilled mine out and tryed three different main and pilot jets and played with air fuel mix and it was much worse than stock. I had to buy a stock airbox from e-bay to fix this mistake.
  3. motolawson

    '03 450 Pipe or no pipe

    No I'm not a that level so I think your right. I guess I'll just have to keep my money. Thanks, Jon
  4. motolawson

    Blistered hands

    I'm not sure of the name but they have a softer compound in the middle.
  5. motolawson

    '03 450 Pipe or no pipe

    I just bought thie 2003 yz450f. My previous bike was a 1999 yz 250. I like my 450 a lot better than the 250. I've been told that my bike will work a lot better with an after market pipe like a Dr.D. I like the power just fine but I'm wondering if they're just trying to sell pipe or if it is in fact a legitimate claim.Does the pipe take power away to make it easyer to ride? I don't think I would like that. It is nice to come out of a tight turn and be able to just instantly light it up for a double. Can someone shed some light on this for me???? Thanks
  6. motolawson

    Blistered hands

    2 weeks ago I road two days in a row with no problem on my hands. The suspension was too soft, I kept bottoming. I had it valved and sub tanks installed. I'm not bottoming anymore but it seems alittle rough going through the brakeing bumps and woops< I guess anything small. My hands are badly blistered after a day and a half of riding at the same track. Can anyone steer me in the direction of a solution? Thanks
  7. I was told by the guy who sold me my 2003 yz450 that I shouldn't waste my money on an after market exhuast because none of them work as good as stock. Also I'm scared if I did change pipe I'd have to re-jet and I've had alot of problems with my klx 110 in doing that. My bike starts very easily right now. I never have even used hot start. It just always starts and I'm afaid to lose that quality. Any thoughts on these issuses??? Anyone???
  8. motolawson

    Whereis my Czeck buddy

    Did you qualify for the Toyota 200??Did you want somelessons at Glen Helen this Weekend??
  9. Everything is so slow on this sight. If I click on someones post it takes forever to load and along time to return to forum. Am I doing something wrong. I've got a fast computer with a cable connection??????
  10. My friend is a Czeck. We went riding and he sucks. I filmed him crash to prove it to him. He still wants to try. I'm afraid he is going to hurt someone. He needs help. If there are any Czecks out there what should he do??????? :cry: :cry:
  11. Does anyone know if Saddleback is ever going to re-open????
  12. I weigh 215. Is stock fork spring too soft??
  13. bike runs rough at a steady pace but is smooth and strong upon acceleration????
  14. motolawson

    klx 110 revlimiter?

    Does the 2005 klx 110 have a revlimiter?
  15. motolawson

    2005 klx 110

    I just bought a new 2005 klx 110. So far I drilled out the air box and now have at least 35-40 percnct more air flow. It bogged out so I went to a # 100 main jet and its better.Is that the size it should be? Should I change the pilot jet too? and to what size? I also change springs front and back to the aggressives and also put about 15 mil. spacer in the top of the forks for more preload. I'm not sure if the spacers are a good idea? What can I do to improve this bike further???????