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  1. To be completely honest I was disappointed with the CRF450R. I heard all the hype and was excited when my buddy let me take his for a spin... I got bored on it. Not enough pick up for my likings although the power was nice and smooth, and the fact that it stalls so damn easily just aggrivated me. Ill stick to my 500cc 2 smokes. :cry: Later, Dan
  2. Yzest

    Oil ???????????????????

    Golden spectro makes transmission oil? Iv been using their premix for my 2 smokes for years but I wasnt aware that they made tranny oil... This I must check out. Later, Dan
  3. Yzest

    Two-strokes gone

    Never. I will still have my 2 smoke and I will still trail ride with it. As long as I am able to ride, 2 strokes wont die Doesnt mean I wont have a KTM525exc (hopefully sometime soon too) Later, Dan
  4. I am hoping to see EFI and turbochargers sometime soon. Id also like to see 2 smokes make a comeback, especially the 500's, the modern thumpers still cant touch them Later, Dan
  5. Yzest

    What is the best 2-stroke bike?

    WR/CR/KX 500 As long as I am able to get a 500 or bigger 2 stroke, thats what I will be riding :cry: I dunno why people say they are so scarey, once you learn to tame them they are the greatest bikes on the planet! Cept' fouled plugs... Later, Dan
  6. Yzest

    Dirt-Bikes & Snowmobiles

    If it snowed more than once every 2 years here I would definately have a snowmobile! they are alot of fun. Last winter we had an intense ice storm, 3-4 inches of ice on the bottom, a foot of snow on top of that, then another 1-2 inches of ice on top of that, when everyone with a quad was out playing on the street one night I was the only one out on a 2 wheeler flying around sideways making an ass of myself it was managable in the fields but when I got on the road it was just an ugly sight lol, this is with a tire thats worn down to the knub by the way Later, Dan *edit* i figured I should clarify, intense ice storm FOR OREGON lol, I get maybe 3-4 inches of snow a year if im lucky
  7. Yzest

    yamaha 360 enduro

    Haha! That was my first bike, I still have it sitting under the porch, it is a friggin tank. It still runs very well except I shattered the clutch cover (awful design, but good for its day) Get it! they are great fun. Also for the stuck in 2nd thing: my RT1 had a shifter shaft that went all the way through the case and stuck out on each side so you could mount the shifter on either side, yet the rear brake didnt have an option to be moved left occasionally I would bump it too hard on something and it would slide through and the C-keeper would get chewed up and let it slide sideways so it would be stuck in whatever gear it was in. That is rather likely but there could be other problems. Later, Dan
  8. Yzest


    Parts people are absolute idiots. When I have to order parts for my yamaha, I go to their website and look in their online parts catalog (it is very good) and I print off a list of the parts, descriptions, and numbers directly from yamaha themselves. Then I take the list to the counter of the parts dealer. This has seemed to work well. I also used to bring in the broken part and say "give me one of these, one that isnt broken" (sadly, I had to specify once or twice) Just to add something sort of funny... every single major parts dealer around here has told me that my moms car doesnt exist. Period! I point out the window and usually they try to pass me off on someone else 1975 Pontiac Grand Am for those of you that are wondering... Later, Dan
  9. Looks like you had fun Ohhhhh believe me... With winter coming Ill have some mud pics that will make your stomach turn.... I ride in my swamp I almost need a paddle tire to ride in my backyard Later, Dan
  10. Yzest

    Check out my web site!!

    I like it! I especially like your team troutdale trailer, it looks like something Id do I am an oregonian as well, these links could prove to be useful! Later, Dan
  11. Yzest


    I am glad you chose yamaha. TYhbey seem to hold up better over time than hodna. for foofroad i wouldnt chose honda cr450 because thy have a 1 galon tank and a wr450 has a igger thank. I believe thye aslo ahve handles under the rear seat/febder and this things are freaking awsome for everythig. honda maeks a good mahcine but i am a fan opf tryue blue not onyl cause i ride them but ebcause i have worked on and rebuiult both bikes and amaha is simperl to work on nad a better desing *in my onpinion) i aslo rodr a crf540r and wasnt not imrpssed because it deid ad ranodm tiems and iw as tld that was normal . goid aidamn uit iu am too fkciuin up later, mad
  12. Yzest

    Two stroke forums

    Sort of. I have posted about my 2 smoke and havnt got any negative feedback yet, but Im sure if general was flooded with questions about 2 smokers people might get a bit irritated. This IS a 4 stroke forum after all, I just return here because the people seem to be cool. I am rather knowledgable about 2 strokes anyways, if anyone has questions Id be glad to throw my 2cents in. Just pm me. Although, carbuerators seem to be my weak spot, it is a long line of trial and error on those damn things ! I probably am not making sense becuase i have drank alittle bit and its starting to kick in Later, DAn
  13. Yzest

    Your favorite tire?

    Ditto. Michelin M12 (intermediate terrain) H12 (hard/rock terrain) seem to be some of the best around. Later, Dan
  14. Thanks for your replies. Yeah I thought it could be something to do with leverage but I figured I could just muscle my way through whatever I need to I still have alot of things to learn about tracks, I have been riding woods for 6 years or so and I like to think I am pretty good, Rare crashes and dont get stuck often, but riding that sloppy track woke me up a bit (and forced me to shell out the $$ for a new rear tire ) I doubt this will be the last newbie question youll hear from me Later, Dan
  15. Recently I have been riding with a friend on some tracks (which I never ever do, woods only for me) and he has been trying to correct my form. He tells me that I need to be farther foreward on the seat and stick my elbows out nearly at 90 degrees. Theres no real explanation except "Thats the form you should have" I was wondering if A) theres any credibility to this and what the advantage might be over a straighter arm. Personally this is uncomfortable when I try it and I dont see how it could be any better than a persons natural form. I have very strong arms and chest and usually just ride how its most comfortable. I am a big guy, 6'6" and 280 or so (now you see why I dont like tracks ) I know I sit down too much and sit too far back though, if I had my way I would be sitting on my rear fender! Damn the tallness! Bah. Any other big track/mx riders have anything to say? I can get around but Id like to get better. Later, Dan