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    I purchased a jd jet kit last month. The kit only came with the 172 main jet with AB on it. Every other jet it stamped with the star. I also purchased an all balls carb rebuild kit. The jets have a completely different stamping all together. I’m very skeptical to use anything out of that rebuild kit.
  2. I need some opinions about the markings in this crank case. the owner said he sent the cases to a machine shop (which has a credible name here in Canada) and they said it's good to go. the damage does seem to only be behind where the bearing sits, not where the bearing actually makes contact in the case. the owner told me the ring caught a port, broke and got sucked into the main bearing. also it looks like a screw driver was used to pry the case apart where it's not supposed to be used. the pics attached are all the pictures I have of the case. I know it's hard to tell from only pictures but I'm unable to see the case first hand as I have to travel quite a bit to buy the bike. thanks for your time.
  3. neilnice

    14-18 fuel tank wear?

    Has anyone else had a problem with the fuel tank plastic wearing out? Recently I noticed when I fill the tank up and Sit on the seat, fuel pisses out of the vent. It’s like the plastic is getting weaker and compressing, forcing fuel out of the vent. I’m not filling the tank right to the tip top either. The fuel look like it’s almost 2 inches below the brim and it comes right up when I sit. Thanks
  4. neilnice

    Homemade Sub tanks for the X!

    How do these sub tanks work for mx? Or are the made for xc/bush riding? Looks like a nice setup you made.
  5. neilnice

    Vertical lines on new clylinder

    I’ve seen a thread on here before with a guy that had a brand new husky and after break in it had the same lines. He did not run the engine under load. For the rings to properly seat against the cylinder you have to put load on the engine. Idling will not properly seat your rings.
  6. neilnice

    Top end rebuild

    Did my piston and cam chain at 80 hours on my 16. Everything still in spec with 0 blow by on the piston. One tiny kink on one of the links of the cam chain but otherwise everything looked better then what I was expecting. Mind you I keep a very clean air filter and change my oil probably a bit too much. Like what people are saying yammys are nothing but money savers when it comes to mx bikes if you keep up on maintenance. I probably could have gone another half season on the rebuild but for 200 bucks and piece mind it was worth it.
  7. neilnice

    2001 to 2003 crankshaft swap... HELP!

    Do a little bit of research on wiseco cranks before you buy one. A lot of failures with cranks and main bearings. Pistons are good though.
  8. JASO MA rated as per what the manual calls for.
  9. Dude you posted a link directly off the yamaha website... pick that mic back up. Might as well have a yamaha salesman post about how Yamalube is God's piss. I run rotella, the cheapest JASO MA rated oil I can find locally. I have 0 issues or complaints pushing over 80 hrs, with my ignition advanced further then the guy that had his piston cracked and also I lean out the fueling. It's perfectly okay to advance your ignition until the point of knocking. I don't even think the gytr tuner can advance to that point.
  10. neilnice

    Yz 125 Differences in 2015 to 2016 model

    He was sarcastically saying the bike hasn't changed. Been like that since 2006. Tons of threads about this. Difference between 2015 and 16 I believe is black rims and over sized front brake rotor.
  11. neilnice

    2014 yzf250 - little end exploding?

    I believe guys with the 14 and 15s buy a 16 piston kit with wrist pin. I also believe the piston cooling nozzle can be installed without splitting the cases. The 14s also had a water pump issue where the shaft would break, but I think that was happening after people modified their engines for more power. Like said before if you're not a crazy fast rider chances are you won't run into any crazy issues
  12. Just picked up a 16 yz250f piston kit and it didn't come with a small end rod needle bearing. When I used to buy 2 stroke piston kits the needle bearing used to come in the kit and you could see it I'm the parts diagram. Does anyone know the oem part #? Thanks
  13. neilnice

    2016 yz250f mapping

    If you're someone who rides the odd weekend through the bush and to just play around i really couldn't tell you how much difference you will feel, but for someone like me who rides 80% track it's well worth it. Don't expect your bike to turn into a 450 power wise but it shifts the power around to your liking. For example most people who are racing a sand track will want their bike to rev faster, the tuner can do that. If your racing a mud track and want your bike to smooth out your power curve the tuner can do that.
  14. Only way to make sure it's done right is if you do it yourself. I'm the same way man
  15. neilnice

    2016 yz250f mapping

    Best advice is play around and find your own tune. I don't use any suggested maps because every time I use one I end up having to tweak it. If you want to Rev faster lean out the fuel and advance the igniton. If you want to have roll on power richen the fuel and retard the igniton. Personally I like to lean the fuel low rpm/throttle and richen the fuel high rpm/throttle. For igniton I like to advance low rpm/throttle and keep around 0 in high rpm/throttle. Hope this helps. Like I said, just keep playing around with it and you'll find your sweet spot